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Health: 11401 (Originally 13000)
Play-style: Grappler
Dash Type: Hop Dash
Specialty: Destroyers
Waldstein's claw-based attacks can destroy the opponent's projectiles.

Waldstein is a power character that overwhelms his opponents with long range and powerful attacks. He may not look like it, but he has a lot of fast moves and can do quite a number of dangerous combos, and due to his range, he can play a powerful footsies game and can deceive opponents with his normals' hitbox sizes.

Eisen Naegel and Dash C are good for getting closer to the opponent. Waldstein claims the victory by keeping the pressure on with the 50/50 mix-up of his hard blows and his command grabs like any fighting-game grappler. A majority of his moves can also be used to destroy projectiles, so zoners tend to be kept on guard. On-hit, a majority of Waldstein's basic attacks can also force the opponent into states such as being downed or launched, which allow for easy ways to setup his offense as well as to continue damaging combos.

A very good Waldstein player can easily stop a majority of approaches, though gaps in some of his mis-timed attacks can be easy to exploit, and his hurtbox size shows him to be a big target to many an instant overhead or more. Waldstein also requires patience and timing as with most slow grappler characters, making so mostly dedicated players have a chance to master him, especially when under pressure.

Move List

Normal Moves

Input Damage Guard Cancel
UNI A Crouch/Stand SP/JC/EX/CS
Wald-5a Smashes down with his elbow. Downs the opponent.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
2UNI A Crouch/Stand SP/JC/EX/CS
Wald-2a Swipes inward while crouching at an upward angle. Unlike most crouching light attacks in the game, it cannot be rapid-fired.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
UNI B Crouch/Stand SP/JC/EX/CS
Wald-5b Swings his claws horizontally inward. Has a long reach and hits well to jumping enemies.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
Wald-2b Strikes low with his leading claw. Has a long reach and serves as his main sweep in contrast to most 2B attacks.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
Dash UNI B Crouch/Stand SP/EX/CS
Wald-db Swings inward with his claws from a turn. Does much higher damage than 5B or 2B, and downs his opponent on hit.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
UNI C Crouch/Stand SP/JC/EX/CS
Wald-5c Swings upward with his claws.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
2UNI C Crouch/Stand SP/JC/EX/CS
Wald-2c Swings his claws above him to sweep. Combo filler and basic knockdown tool.

Used as a bit of a launcher on air hit.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
Dash UNI C Crouch/Stand SP*/EX*/CS*
Wald-dc * Only at the end of the move.

Jumps from the dash and attacks with a forward hand thrust. Comes in handy sometimes when you want to rush the opponent. Initial hop has a hitbox that can lead into the punch itself.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
j. UNI A Stand SP/EX/CS
Wald-ja Strikes with his following claw obliquely downwards.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
j. UNI B Stand SP/EX/CS
Wald-jb Obliquely downward punch known for its fast start-up. Has no hitbox directly below Waldstein.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
j. UNI C (Hold to charge) Stand SP/EX/CS
Wald-jc Wide slash downward with his leading claw. Has a big hitbox.


Input Damage Guard Cancel
Wald-throw Slams the opponent back to ground with both hands.

Force Function

Input English Name Japanese Name Damage Guard Cancel
UNI B+UNI C Felsen Vulf フェルゼンヴルフ Crouch/Stand SP/EX
Wald-ff Lifts up a rock and throws it. Length of the throw can be controlled with a stick/pad.

The initial rock lift launches, which can launch into the rock hitbox itself; rock hitbox inflicts wallbounce.

Command Normals/Unique Arts

Input Damage Guard Cancel
1UNI A Crouch/Stand
Wald-1a Pokes forward with his elbow like a crouching light attack. Downs the opponent.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
4UNI B 440 (shockwave)
1220 (grab)
Crouch/Stand SP/EX/CS*
Wald-4b Slams his claw in front of him. Causes a small shock wave which downs the opponent. On hit, it counts as a grab where he instead lifts the opponent up to down them with a headbutt that does more damage you can continue the combo with 5A.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
Wald-3c * Only on hit.

Grabs the opponent from air. On hit, Waldstein squeezes them once and slams them to the ground. Works mainly as an anti air, as it's one of those throws that only hits airborne foes.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
6UNI C (Crouch)/Stand CS*
Wald-6c First swings his claws via an upward launch, which leads into a step back to wind up for a punch. If the opponent takes a hit from the first swing, Waldstein will grab them and slams them to the wall at a high diagonal angle (See the lower picture). Follow-up punch is an overhead. Follow-up can be cancelled with a Chain Shift on hit or block.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
j. 2UNI C Stand SP/EX(CS
Wald-j2c Body press. Has a hitbox mainly used for crossups like with many body press jumping normals and lasts throughout the whole time per air time. Unlike most other body press type normals, it counts as a bit of a dive in that it can impact the ground, and carries Waldstein's forward aerial momentum; downs opponent on grounded hit.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
j. 6UNI C Crouch/Stand CS
Wald-j6c Same motion as Dash C. Causes wall bounce on hit.

Special Moves/Sure-Killing Arts

Input English Name Japanese Name Damage Guard Cancel
236 UNI A/UNI B/UNI EX Eisen Naegel アイゼンネーゲル (Crouch)/Stand CS*
Wald-eisen Slashes with his claws in a frenzy of attacks. Has a great hitbox and makes it easy for Waldstein to erase the opponent's projectiles. Good move to pick-up the opponent after a knockdown or wall bounce.

* B version is an overhead. EX version can be cancelled with a Chain Shift only on hit.
Input English Name Japanese Name Damage Guard Cancel
623 UNI A/UNI B/UNI EX Wirbelwind ヴィルベルヴィント Crouch/Stand (EX)/CS*
Wald-wirbel Moves forward while swinging his claws. A and B version deal the same amount of damage.

* EX version is not EX cancelable and can be cancelled with a Chain Shift only at the end of the move.
Input English Name Japanese Name Damage Guard Cancel
360 UNI A/UNI B/UNI EX Drehen Durchbohren ドレーエン ドルヒボーレン CS*
Wald-drehen * Chain Shift only on hit.

Command throw where Waldstein grabs the opponent, jumps to the air, spins around for few times and them smashes the opponent back to ground. A version has a short reach. B version has longer reach, but is throw escape-able. EX version has invincible start-up, but is escape-able.
Input English Name Japanese Name Damage Guard Cancel
Air OK
Verderben フェアデルーベン Crouch/Stand (EX)/(CS)
Wald-verder * EX version can't be cancelled with anything.

Slams his claws together. Aerial B version grabs the opponent and slams them to the ground. EX version has a fast start-up and looks like a wrestling throw "brainbuster" where he slams the opponent to his other side.
Input English Name Japanese Name Damage Guard Cancel
Hold 4, then 6UNI A/UNI B/UNI EX Sturmangriff シュトルムアングリフ Air CS*
Wald-sturm *Chain Shift only on hit.

Waldstein rushes towards the opponent and grabs them, slamming them into the upcoming corner/wall. Unblockable on ground. A version moves really slow.

EX version slams them back and forth against both corners/walls.

Infinite Worth

Input English Name Japanese Name Damage Guard Cancel
41236 UNI D Werfen Erschlagen ヴェルフェン エルシュラーゲン
Wald-iw Powerful command throw. Grabs even aerial opponents. Holds the opponent up into the air, crushes them, and slams the opponent to the ground. Finishes with a flaming-body slam on top of them.

Infinite Worth EXS

Input English Name Japanese Name Damage Guard Cancel
UNI A+UNI B+UNI C+UNI D Katastrophe カタストローフェ 3788
Wald-iwe Usable only when your own health is under 30 %

Starts with a purple pillar of light. If it hits, a special animation will be shown and around 3500 damage is dealt. Use of the move will cause GRD Break, except if the user is in a Vorpal state before using it. If used within a combo, damage of the move is greatly reduced.

Animation - Waldstein starts out by grabbing his opponent and rises up into the air. During this time, the opponent, coated in fire, is slammed to the ground, causing a pillar of flames to rise and earthquake cracks appear, causing an explosion.



  • 2A>5B>5C>236A>236C
  • 5B>5C>j.A>j.B>j.6C>4B>360A
  • 2B>5C>214B>3C>[4]6C


5A Starter

  • 5A>5B>214B>6C>(Walk)>4B>360A
  • 5A>5B>214B>j.A>j.B>j.6C>4B>214B>41236D

2A Starter

  • 2A>2B>5B>5C>236A>214C
  • 2A>5B>214B>j.B>j.C>j.6C>4B>[4]6A

2B Starter

  • 2B>5B>214B>j.A>j.B>j.6C>j.A>j.B>j.6C>j.A>j.B>j.214B
  • 2B>5C>j.A>j.B>j.C>2B>41236D
  • 2B>5B>214B>j.A>j.B>j.C>5B>214B>3C>[4]6C
  • 2B>5B>214B>j.B>j.C>j.6C>Charged j.C>(Dash)>2B>5B>5C>236A

Dash B Starter

  • DashB (CH)>623B (2nd HIT)>236C>214B>j.B>j.C>j.6C>j.C>j.B>j.214B

2C Starter

  • 2C>4B>5A>5B>214B>j.B>j.C>j.6C>5C>3C>214C
  • 2C (CH) >5A>214B>j.B>j.C>j.6C>3C>[4]6C
  • 2C>214B>5C>j.B>j.C>DashB>214B>j.A>j.6C>3C>214C

j.C Starter

  • j.C>2A>5B>214B>j.B>j.C>j.6C>5C>3C>[4]6C
  • Assault j.C>2A>5B>214B>j.A>j.B>j.6C>3C>[4]6C
  • Assault j.2C>CS>2C>j.B>j.C>j.6C>Charged j.C>(Dash)>2B>5B>5C>236A

"Eisen Naegel" Starter

  • 236A>236C>214B>j.A>j.B>j.C>DashB>214B>3C>214C

"Wirbelwind" Starter

  • 623C>623B (2nd HIT)>CS>214B>j.A>j.B>j.6C>Charged j.C>(Dash)>2B>5C>236A
  • 623C>623B (2nd HIT)>236C>j.C>j.B>j.6C>j.C>j.B>j.214B

"Drehen Durchbohren" Starter

  • 360A>CS>214B>j.B>j.C>j.6C>(Dash)>Charged j.C>(Dash)>2C>j.2C

"Verderben" Starter

  • 214C>CS>214A>DashB>214B>j.B>j.C>j.6C>(Dash)>Charged j.C>(Dash)>2B>5B>3C>214C


2B Starter

  • 2B>5B>214B>5C>3C>2A>5B>5C>236A
  • 2B>214A>5A>214B>3C>2A>5B>6C>(Dash)>2C>3C>214C

5C Starter

  • 5C>214A>DashB>214B>3C>2A>5B>6C>j.C>j.B>j.214B
  • 5C>214A>DashB>214B>236A>623C>2B>5C>6C>Charged j.C
  • (Requires 6 GRD blocks) 5C>214A>DashB>214B>236A>623C>2B>5B>6C>CS>2B>623C>214C

"Eisen Naegel" Starter

  • 236A (CH)>2A>214A>DashB>214B>3C>2A>5B>5C>236A
  • 236B>2A>214B>5C>214B>3C>623C>2C>3C
  • 236B>CS>214A>DashB>214B>5C>3C>2A>5B>5C>236A
  • 236B>CS>2B>214A>5A>214B>3C>2A>5B>5C>236A>623C>2C>3C>214C

"Drehen Durchbohren" Starter

  • 360C>CS>214B>5C>3C>2A>5B>6C>VO

Notable Players


Waldstein's moves are all in German:

  • Felsen Vulf = Rock Wolf
  • Eisen Naegel = Iron Claw
  • Wirbelwind = Whirlwind
  • Drehen Durchbohren = Turning Puncture
  • Verderben = Spoiling
  • Sturmangriff = Assault
  • Werfen Erschlagen = Throw Slayer
  • Katastrophe = Catastrophe


1. Iron Beast 2. Crow Ash 3. Steel Tiger 4. Sapphire Bear 5. Magnetite Crystal
Wald1 Wald2 Wald3 Wald4 Wald5
6. Coal Monster 7. Francium Maroon 8. Tungsten Yellow 9. Poison Bandit 10. Hihiirokane
Wald6 Wald7 Wald8 Wald9 Wald10
11. Fegefeuer 12. Arctic Cold 13. Dschungel Wind 14. Hatred Flame 15. Eis mann
Wald11 Wald12 Wald13 Wald14 Wald15
16. Bestie Erde 17. Kirschbaum 18. Depression Mind 19. Gray Fox 20. Apostle of Chaos
Wald16 Wald17 Wald18 Wald19 Wald20
21. Big Foot 22. Crimson Orge 23. Brawny Orc 24. Scorched Earth 25. Thor's Hammer
Wald21 Wald22 Wald23 Wald24 Wald25
26. Red Hot Steel 27. Vert Nil 28. Ashputtel 29. Drema Warden 30. Gold Lowe
Wald26 Wald27 Wald28 Wald29 Wald30

Move Sets
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