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Void Red (ヴォイド・レッド) is a key term used throughout the story of UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH that is mostly surrounded in mystery. The term itself refers to multiple things.


Void Red is a term rarely used to refer to a specific type of red EXS. The red EXS color suggests that it's somehow related to the Void, but the term itself actually differs from Voids themselves and describes a form of "beautiful EXS".[1] The red color represents the most highly-concentrated and purest of EXS.

Void Red (ヴォイド・レッド)

Void Red is most famously known as the name of the EXS ability of Hyde Kido. It is an ability of high purity which allows Hyde to summon The Insulator from the realm of the Void.

The Fictitious Red (虚構の赤)

In Merkava's Arcade Story, he devours Hilda and describes the taste of her highly-concentrated EXS with these words. Merkava notes that her EXS is a that of a very "vivid Void Red".

The Ruby of Nothingness (虚無なる紅玉)

Void Red is also the name of a mysterious jewel that Azel is looking for. There is no further information about the jewel itself, but based on the name, it could very likely be some sort of crystallized form of pure EXS.


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