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Health: 9600 (Originally 12000)
Play-style: Zoning, Charge, Pressure, Traps
Dash Type: Hop Dash
Specialty: Counter Nullifying
Vatista nullifies the properties opponent would gain from a counter hit. Meaning the opponent's combos will be shorter since they don't get long hitstun, and that the opponent can't pick Vatista up from a downed state as often. Vorpal state also allows her 64 EX move to be cancelled into without a charge.

Vatista is a bit different kind of character who uses charge commands for projectiles and anti-air specials for spacing. Thus, tight execution is needed to be able to manage her string of attacks effectively.

Mico Ruceo is fast move to use at close range. Lumen Stella is stronger but slower projectile. Use it as a shield as you close the opponent. You can use invincible move Ruber Angels to an opponent coming from air. Transvolans is good move to attack opponents from air, though it is a difficult move to input. 5C>IWE is also a very effective combo from long range.

Vatista is also very strong both up close and from afar, since she has both a projectile and anti-air with expansions, and due to being a charge-type character, her difficult inputs reward users with moves that possess quick recovery time. Her normals are also not bad, as they provide either range for poking and footsies or enough hits for a duration needed to charge her special inputs.

Due to her specialty, she can be a counter to those who rely a lot on counter hits (no joke intended) and OTG's for long combos, though sadly those who don't need to rely much on combos and relying more on hit-and-run tactics and brief strings of attacks with good damage tend to wear her down (thus those who are solid at vortex and/or okizeme are considered). And despite the advantages of her normals, some of her niche moves are very easy to punish especially on block or at a bad angle the opponent can attack from.

Adding on to her difficult execution (especially for characters that work both close and afar), Vatista must often constantly be shifting from her pressure to zoning back and forth in order to control the match. And her being a charge character means at times, relying on jump-in combos as well as long-duration connecting moves is a necessity for her. Also, one of Vatista's other biggest weaknesses is her lack of mixup, so despite her blockstring potential, she lacks a way to pop open a turtling opponent without frame-traps.

Like Orie, she also lacks chargeable normals, so her damage output has little variety.

Move List

Normal Moves

Input Damage Guard Cancel
UNI A.gif Crouch/Stand SP/JC/EX/CS
Vati-5a.png Stabs forward with two of her wings. Standard poke.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
2.gifUNI A.gif Crouch/Stand SP/JC/EX/CS
Vati-2a.png Crouches and swipes the opponent with one wing. Has a long reach but isn't actually a low attack. Can be used for OTG pickups.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
UNI B.gif Stand/Crouch SP/(JC)/EX/CS
Vati-5b.png Spins her two of her wings vertically in a shredding circle. Footsies tool with a bit of reach but some recovery.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
2.gifUNI B.gif Crouch/Stand SP/(JC)/EX/CS
Vati-2b.png Same as the standing version, but is a crouching version with quite a bit of recovery.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
Dash UNI B.gif Crouch/Stand SP/EX/CS
Vati-db.png A turning dancing spin kick while leaning on her other leg. Quite advantageous move if the opponent crouch blocks it.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
UNI C.gif Crouch/Stand SP/JC/EX/CS
Vati-5c.png Sticks all her wings forward. Has the best reach of Vatista's normals and is a powerful poking tool.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
2.gifUNI C.gif Stand SP/JC/EX/CS
Vati-2c.png Wings spin on the ground. Has same amount of reach as 2B but much longer recovery, so it should be used with care. Sweeps the opponent for combos.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
Dash UNI C.gif Crouch/Stand SP/EX/CS
Vati-dc.png Rotation attack with wings while still sliding from the dash. Excellent move. Stays active for long time and moves a long distance. Even if the move is blocked, it can easily be cancelled with "Arma Bellum".
Input Damage Guard Cancel
j. UNI A.gif Stand SP/EX/CS
Vati-ja.png Jump back kick. Works as an air-to-air attack and combo filler.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
j. UNI B.gif Stand SP/EX/CS
Vati-jb.png Moves wings from her back to front and attacks with them. Has a good hitbox and is one of her other air-to-airs and acts as one of her main jump-ins for air-to-ground.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
j. UNI C.gif Stand/Crouch SP/EX/CS
Vati-jc.png Rotation attack with her wings, like an aerial version of her Dash C. Following with j.[8]2B>2C is a good way to get close to your opponent. Works as a cross-up as well.


Input Damage Guard Cancel
UNI A.gif+UNI D.gif
Vati-throw.png Grabs the opponent and slams them away with a burst of energy from a spell. Can't be continued from.

Force Function

Input English Name Japanese Name Damage Guard Cancel
UNI B.gif+UNI C.gif Arma Bellum アルマ ベルム Crouch/Stand (EX)/(CS)
Vati-ff.png "Ba ba ba ba!" move, and one of the few named Force Functions (prior to Exe: Late[st]). Shoots small energy bullets from fingers. Can be used few times in a row for more hits. Vatista's movement can be controlled during the move, making it a good form of space control on block during neutral game.

Command Normals/Unique Arts

Input Damage Guard Cancel
UNI B.gif>UNI B.gif Crouch/Stand SP/JC/EX/CS
Vati-5bb.png Additional move where Vatista puts a bit more spin on her wings. Combo filler and pressure tool.
Input English Name Japanese Name Damage Guard Cancel
j. UNI A.gif+UNI B.gif Leviosa レヴィオーサ
Vati-jab.png Levitation move. Jumps a little and stays afloat in the air. Can be cancelled with any aerial specials. And tends to be used to delay jump-ins to confuse opponents and connect properly with aerial attacks.

Special Moves/Sure-Killing Arts

Input English Name Japanese Name Damage Guard Cancel
Hold 4.gif, then 6.gifUNI A.gif/UNI B.gif/UNI EX.png Lumen Stella
[Lumen Stella Eclance]
[ルーメンステラ エクランス]
Crouch/Stand (EX)/(CS)
Vati-lumen.png A slowly moving blue ball projectile fired from her wings that disappears if Vatista takes a hit.

Homes in on the opponent and moves slowly, so you can move behind it and approach the opponent for pressure. Only A version is EX cancelable. A and EX versions are cancellable with Chain Shift.
Input English Name Japanese Name Damage Guard Cancel
Hold 2.gif, then 8.gifUNI A.gif/UNI B.gif/UNI EX.png Ruber Angels
[Ruber Angels Eclance]
[ルベルアンゲルス エクランス]
Crouch/Stand (CS)
Vati-ruber.png An anti-air flash kick move. A somersault kick-slash attack with Vatista's wings trailing her legs' path. One of the few reliable meterless invincibility moves in this game especially due to being a charge-input anti-air, naturally. EX version does high damage, causing Vatista to use Ruber Angels and Transvolans, finishing with a powerful version of the former. CS cancelable only on hit.
Input English Name Japanese Name Damage Guard Cancel
Hold 6.gif, then 4.gifUNI A.gif/UNI B.gif/UNI EX.png Mico Luceo
[Lux Fortis]
Crouch/Stand/Air (EX)/CS
Vati-mico.png A fast and long ranged pale blue laser fired from Vatista's hand, and has a bit of an odd input for those used to classic charge characters. A and EX versions shoot in vertical line. B version shoots in 30 degree angle upwards and aerial version towards the ground. Vatista's recovery from EX version is fast, and she can move before the beam has ended. Clashes with most of the projectiles, but loses to Hilda's "Skewer".
Input English Name Japanese Name Damage Guard Cancel
Hold UNI A.gif/UNI B.gif/UNI C.gif and release Sidereus Fragmentum シデウスフラグメンツム Crouch/Stand/(Air)
Vati-sidereus.png One of the most important elements in Vatista's gameplay. Hold button to set the bomb in the form of a rhombus jewel and release to detonate. Bombs also detonate if Vatista's hitbox comes to contact with the bombs. Bomb explodes in 6 pulses. Last 2 pulses are air-unblockable. Hit from explosion makes the opponent unable to air tech.
Input English Name Japanese Name Damage Guard Cancel
Use Sidereus Fragmentum four times in a combo. Satelles Triangulum サーテレス トリアングルム
Vat-triangulum.png Move that is automatically used when you use "Sidereus Fragmentum" for a fourth time in a combo. Finishing move simultaneously blows up 3 bombs around Vatista.
Input English Name Japanese Name Damage Guard Cancel
j. Hold 8.gif, then 2.gifUNI A.gif/UNI B.gif/UNI EX.png Transvolans トラスウォーラス (Crouch)/Stand/Air (EX)/(CS)
Vati-transvolans.png Vatista's wings take the shape of a drill as she lands towards the ground in a drilling dive kick. It's not that disadvantageous of a move even if it's blocked, though it has an awkward input for certain charge character veterans. B version's drilling part is an overhead. EX version has a slam move in the end which causes wall bounce. Can cross-up with proper placement.

Infinite Worth

Input English Name Japanese Name Damage Guard Cancel
4.gif1.gif2.gif3.gif6.gif UNI D.gif Lacteus Orbis ラクテウスオルビス Crouch/Stand/Air
Vati-iw.png A giant crimson wad of lasers are fired from an energy rune spell channeled through all her wings. Has very high damage, but also long invincibility. Works very well as a combo ender. Minimum damage 1816 (+172 Vorpal bonus).

Infinite Worth EXS

Input English Name Japanese Name Damage Guard Cancel
UNI A.gif+UNI B.gif+UNI C.gif+UNI D.gif Zahhisio ザッハィシオ 3775
Vati-iwe.png Usable only when your own health is under 30 %

Starts with a purple pillar of light. If it hits, a special animation will be shown and around 3500 damage is dealt. Use of the move will cause GRD Break, except if the user is in a Vorpal state before using it. If used within a combo, damage of the move is greatly reduced.

Animation: Vatista will flip into the air and rush towards the opponent. While the opponent is immobilized, Vatista creates an energy rune spell underneath her enemy while her wings surround them and detonate, creating an explosion.



  • 2A>2B>2C>[2]8C
  • 2A>2B>2C>5C>j.B>j.C>j.[8]2A>2C>B+C(Hold down)>41236D
  • j.C>2A(Hold A down)>5B>2B>2C>(Release A)>2A>2B>[2]8C


2A Starter

  • 2A>2C>5C>Delay j.B(Hold)>Delay j.[8]2A>2C>Crouching Orb(B Hold)>2A>5C>Standing Orb>[6]4B>j.C>j.B+C
  • 2A(Hold)>5B>2B(Hold)>2C>Crouching Orb>2A>2B(Detonation)>Crouching Orb>VO (With a little charge)>(Detonation)>j.B>j.C>j.[8]2C>[6]4B>41236D ※Mid screen only

5A Starter

  • 5A>5B>2C>5C>j.B>j.C>j.A>j.[8]2A>2A>[2]8B
  • 5A(Aerial hit)>j.A>j.B>(j.C>j.A>j.B)>j.[8]2A>2C>2B>[2]8B
  • 5A>5B>2C>5C>j.B(Hold)>(j.C)>j.[8]2A>2C(Hold)>Aerial Orb>2A>2B>Crouching Orb>[6]4A>j.C>(j.[8]2A) or (j.B+C)
  • 5A>5B>(2B)>5C>B+C>CS>(j.A)>j.B>j.[8]2A>2C>Crouching Orb>2A>2B>[6]4B>j.C>j.[8]2A
  • 5A>2C>5C>j.B(Hold)>j.[8]2A>2C>Crouching Orb(Hold B again)>2A>5C>Crouching Orbs>[6]4A>([2]8B) or (j.C>j.[8]2A)
  • 5A>j.A>j.B(Hold)>(j.C)>j.[8]2A>2C(Hold)>Crouching Orb>2A>2B>Crouching Orb>[6]4A>([2]8B) or (j.C>j.[8]2A)

2B Starter

  • 2B>2C>5C>j.B>(j.C>j.A)>j.[8]2A>2C>Crouching Orb>2A>2B>Crouching Orb>[6]4A>j.C>(j.[8]2A) or (j.B+C)
  • 2B>2C>2A (Whiff)>Dash>2A>2B>(j.A)>j.B>(j.C)>j.[8]2A>2C>(Standing Orb) or (5B>5B>B+C>[2]8C)
  • 2B>2C>5C>j.B(Hold)>(j.C)>j.[8]2A>2C(Hold)>Crouching Orb>2A>[6]4A>Crouching Orb>[6]4B>([2]8B) or (j.A>j.[8]2A)

2C Starter

  • 2C>5C>j.B>j.C>(j.A)>j.[8]2A>2C>Crouching Orb>2A>2B>Crouching Orb>[6]4A>j.C>j.B+C
  • 2C>5C>JB(Hold)>(j.C)>j.[8]2A>2C(Hold)>Crouching Orb>2A>[6]4A>Crouching Orb>[6[4A>j.B>j.C>(j.[8]2A) or (j.B+C)
  • 2C>5C>j.B(Hold)>(j.C)>j.[8]2A>2C>Standing Orb>2A>2B(1)>[6]4B>Crouching Orb>2C>2B>[2]8C
  • 2C>5C>j.B(Hold)>j.[8]2A>2C(Hold)>Crouching Orb>2A>[6]4A(Hold)>Crouching Orb(Hold C again)>2B(1)>Standing A-Orb>Standing C-Orb>(Finisher)>([4]6C oki)
  • 2C>2A (Whiff)>Dash>2A>2B/5B>j.B>j.C>j.A>j.B>j.[8]2A>2C>(2B>[2]8B)or(5B>5B>B+C)
  • 2C>2A (Whiff)>Dash>2A>5B>Delay j.B>(j.C)>j[8]2A>2C>5B>Standing Orb>5A>5B>5B>Crouching Orb>[6]4A>j.C>j.B+C
  • 2C>2A (Whiff)>Dash>2A>5A>j.A>j.B>j.[8]2A>2C>5B>Crouching Orb>5A>Crouching Orb>j.C>j.B(Detonation)>j.C>j.[8]2A
  • 2C>2A (Whiff)>Dash>2A>5B>Delay j.B>(j.C)>j.[8]2A(Hold)>2C(Hold)>5B>Crouching Orb>5A>Crouching Orb>[6]4A>[2]8B
  • 2C>2A (Whiff)>Dash>2A>2B/5B>j.B>j.C>j.A>j.B>j.C>j.A>j.[8]2A>2C>Orb
  • (A or B Hold)2C>Crouching Orb>2B>Standing Orb>([6]4B) or (Dash B) or (Dash>j.C>j.B)>(j.A)>j.B>j.C>j.A>j.B>j.[8]2A>2C>2C>[2]8B
  • 2C>B+C>5A>j.A>j.B(Hold)>j.[8]2A(Hold)>2C>Crouching Orb>2A>5C>Crouching Orb>[6]4A>[2]8B

5C Starter

  • 5C>2C>5B>j.B>j.[8]2A>Crouching Orb>2A>[6]4A>Crouching Orb>[6]4A>([2]8B) or (j.C>j.[8]2A)
  • 5C>[6]4A>CS>Dash C>5A>j.A>j.B>j.[8]2A>2C>Crouching Orb>2A>2B>Crouching Orb>[6]4A>(j.C>j.[8]2A) or ([2]8B)
  • (When orb is set behind the opponent) 5C>[6]4B>j.B/Dash C/5C>j.C>j.[8]2A>2C>Standing Orb>2A>2B>Crouching Orb(No need to detonate)>[2]8B

j.A Starter

  • j.A(Hit on aerial opponent)>j.B>j.[8]2A>2C>Crouching Orb>2A>[6]4A>Crouching Orb>[6]4A>j.C>j.[8]2A
  • j.A>2A>2A>2C>5C>j.B>j.C>j.A>j.[8]2A>2C>Crouching Orb>2A>2B>Crouching Orb>[6]4A>(j.C>j.B+C) or ([2]8B)
  • j.A>2C>5C>j.B>j.[8]2A>2C>Crouching Orb>2A>[6]4A>Crouching Orb>[6]4A>j.C>j.B+C
  • Assault j.A>5A>A>(2B/5B)>2C>5C>JB>JC>JA>A-Drill>2C>2B>[2]8B
  • Assault j.A>5A>5A>(2B/5B)>2C>5C>j.B>j.C>j.A>[8]2A>2A>[2]8B
  • Assault j.A>5A>2C>5C>j.B>j.C>j.A>j.[8]2A>2C>2B>[2]8B


  • Note the combos that have (j.[8]2A>2C>Crouching Orb>2A>2B) route. 2B doesn't hit Gordeau, but you can usually replace it with 5C or [6]4A

2A Starter

  • 2A>2B>2C>5C>j.B>(j.C)>j.[8]2A>2A>[2]8B
  • 2A>2B>2C>5C>j.B>(j.C)>j.[8]2A>2C>2B>[2]8B
  • 2A>2B>2C>5C>j.B(Hold)>(j.C)>j.[8]2A>2C>2A>Crouching Orb>2A>([2]8B) or ([2]8C>CS>Delay j.C>j.B+C>j.[8]2C)

5A Starter

  • 5A(Hold)>5B>2B>2C(Hold)>Standing Orb>2A>2B>[6]4B>Crouching Orb>[6]4B>j.A>j.[8]2A
  • 5A(Hold)>5B>2B>2C(Hold)>Crouching Orb>2A>5C>Crouching Orb>[6]4A>j.B>j.[8]2A
  • 5A(Hold)>5B>2B>2C(Hold)>Crouching Orb>2A>[6]4A>Crouching Orb>[6]4A>j.B>j.[8]2A

2C Starter

  • 2C>5C>j.B(Hold)>(j.C)>j.[8]2A>2C>[4]6A>2C(Hold)>Standing Orb>2A>2B>[6]4B(* Hold if you want to use Orb oki route)>Crouching Orb(>2C>Standng Orb*) or (>[6]4B>[2]8B) or (j.C>j. B+C)
  • 2C>5C>j.B(Hold)>(j.C)>j.[8]2A>2C>Standing Orb>2A>2B(1)>[6]4B>Crouching Orb>2C>2B>[2]8C
  • 2C>2A (Whiff)>2A>5C>j.B>j.[8]2A(Hold)>2C(Hold)>5B>Standing Orb>5A>5B>[6]4B>Crouching Orb>[6]4B)

j.A Starter

  • j.A>5A>5A>2C>5C>j.B>j.C>j.[8]2A>2C>2A>Crouching Orb>2A>2B>Crouching Orb>[6]4B>j.C>j.[8]2A
  • Assault j.A>5A>5A>(2B/5B)>2C>5C>j.B>(j.C)>j.[8]2A>2C>2B>[2]8B
  • Assault j.A>5A(Hold)>5B>Delay 2C>Crouching Orb>2A>2B>Crouching Orb>[6]4A/B/C

j.B Starter Assault j.B>CS>j.A>5A>5A>2C>5C>j.B>j.[8]2A

j.C Starter

  • j.C>2C>5C>j.B(Hold)>(j.C)>j.[8]2A>2C>Standing Orb>2A>2B(1)>[6]4B>Crouching Orb>2C>2B>[2]8C

Transvolans Starter

  • j.[8]2B>5A>j.A>j.B>j.C>j.A>j.[8]2A
  • j.[8]2B>Dash B(>Dash B)>j.A>j.B>j.[8]2A
  • j.[8]2B(Hold)>2C(Hold)>Crouching Orb>2A>[6]4A>Crouching Orb>([6]4A>[2]8B) or (j.C>j.[8]2B/j.B+C)
  • j.[8]2B>2C>5C>j.B>j.C>j.[8]2A>2C>5B>5B>(B+C) or (j.B+C>[2]8C)
  • j.[8]2B(Hold A)>[6]4C>2C>Crouching Orb>2A>2B>Crouching Orb>[6]4B>j.C>j.[8]2A
  • j.[8]2B>5C>Delay [6]4B>5A>j.A>j.B>j.C>j.A>j.B>j. [8]2A>2C>2B>[2]8B
  • j.[8]2B>2C>5C>Delay j.B>Delay j.C>2C>Crouching Orb>2A>2B>Crouching Orb>([6]4B>[2]8B) or (j.C>j.[8]2A)



  • j.[8]2B>CS>Assault>Delay j.C>j.A(>j.B)>j.[8]2A(Hold)>2C>5B(1)>Standing Orb>5A(Hold)>5B>5B>Crouching Orb>VO>Dash>j.C>j. B+C>j.[8]2C>41236D [4411 damage]
  • (Requires CS with 4 GRD Blocks) j.[2]8C>CS>Delay j.C>j.A>j.B>j.[8]2A(Hold)>2C(Hold)>(Delay depending on the character)5B(1)>5 orb>5A>5B>5B>Crouching Orb>VO>j.C(>j.B+C)>j.[8]2C>41236D [4526 damage]
  • j. [8]2B>CS>5A>5B>j.B>j.[8]2A(Hold)>2C(Hold)>5B>Standing Orb>5A>5B>5B>Crouching Orb>VO>j.C>j.B+C>j.[8]2C>41236D
  • B+C (Maximum length)>CS>j.B>j. [8]2A(Hold)>2C(Hold)>5B>Standing Orb>5A>5B>5B>Crouching Orb>VO>j.C>j.B+C>j.[8]2C>j. [6]4C>41236D [6484 damage]


  • 2C>[4]6A(Hold)>2C>5B(1)>Standing Orb>5A(Hold)>5B>[6]4B>Crouching Orb>VO>j.C>j. B+C>j. [8]2C>[6]4C>41236D (Doesn't work on Vatista and Carmine)
  • j.C>Dash>2A>2A(Hold)>2B>5B>2C(Hold)>Crouching Orb>2A>5C>Crouching Orb>VO>j.C>j. B+C>j. [8]2C>[6]4C>41236D [about 5500 damage] (Works on all characters)
  • Assault j.C>Dash>2A2A(Hold)>2B>5B>2C(Hold)>Crouching Orb>2A>2B>Crouching Orb>VO>j.C>j. [8]2C>[6]4C>CS>41236D [about 4500 damage]
  • j. [8]2B(Hold A)>2C>5B(1)>Standing Orb>5A(Hold)>5B>[6]4B>Crouching Orb>VO>j.C>j. B+C>j. [8]2C>[6]4C>41236D [5635 damage] (Doesn't work on Chaos and Akatsuki)


  • 2B>2C>5C>j.B>j.C>Air B+C>CS>j.B(Hold)>j. [8]2A>2C(Hold)>Crouching Orb>2A>2B>Orb >[6]4A [about 3000 damage]
  • 2A>2C>5C>j.B>j. B+C>CS>j.B(Hold)>j.[8]2A>2C(Hold)>Crouching Orb>2A>2B>Standing Orb>[6]4B
  • (Close contact in air) j. [6]4B (ground hit)>CS>j. [8]2A>2C>Crouching Orb>2A>[6]4A>Crouching Orb>[6]4A>(j.C>j.B+C) or ([2]8B) [about 3600 damage]
  • (Close contact in air) j. [6]4B (ground hit)>CS>j. [8]2A>2C>5C>j.B>j.C>2C>Standing Orb>2A>2B>Crouching Orb>[6]4A>j.C>j. B+C [about 3800 damage]
  • (2 orbs set near the opponent)[6]4A>(Detonation)>j.B>(j.C>j.A>j.B)>j. [8]2A>2C>Crouching Orb>2A>2B>Crouching Orb>(Finisher move)>[2]8B [4050 damage]
  • (Vorpal, Veil Off, 3 Crouching Orbs set to corner) j. [8]2B (from high)>(Detonation)>j.C>j. B+C>[8]2C>CS>[6]4C>41236D [8149]

Notable Players


Vatista's moves are all in Latin.

  • Arma Bellum = War Weapon
  • Leviosa = Levitate
  • Lumen Stella = Shining Star
    • Lumen Stella Eclance = Shining Star Enhance
  • Mico Luceo = Twinkling Glitter
    • Lux Fortis = Light Valiant
  • Ruber Angels = Red Angels
    • Ruber Angels Eclance = Red Angels Enhance
  • Sidereus Fragmentum = Star Sign Fragment
    • Primum = First
    • Secundum = Second
    • Tertium = Third
    • Satelles Triangulum = Satellite Triangle
  • Transvolans = Shooting Star
  • Lacteus Orbis = Milky Way
  • Zahhisio = Natural Disaster


1. Mars Black 2. Lion Falls 3. Murder Dolls 4. Aurora Blue 5. Aureolin
Vati1.gif Vati2.gif Vati3.gif Vati4.gif Vati5.gif
6. Classic White 7. Luminous Pink 8. Fallen Leaves 9. Chromium Green 10. Crimson Lake
Vati6.gif Vati7.gif Vati8.gif Vati9.gif Vati10.gif
11. Lila Colina 12. Azul Agua 13. Regalo Tierra 14. Freddo Aria 15. Grass Fairy
Vati11.gif Vati12.gif Vati13.gif Vati14.gif Vati15.gif
16. Donner Geist 17. Black Magic 18. Knospe Gardenie 19. Rain Stream 20. Flor Ciruela
Vati16.gif Vati17.gif Vati18.gif Vati19.gif Vati20.gif
21. Cassata Al Forno 22. Moonshine Blue 23. Vento Aureo 24. Angelic Gospel 25. Cyber Fairy
Vat21.gif Vat22.gif Vat23.gif Vat24.gif Vat25.gif
26. Blitzschlag 27. Mystic Doll 28. Antique Luxury 29. Modern Golem 30. Fairy Tale
Vat26.gif Vat27.gif Vat28.gif Vat29.gif Vat30.gif

Move Sets