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Vatista (バティスタ)






140 cm (4'7")


32 kg (70 lbs)


Bust: 70cm
Waist: 49cm
Hip: 69cm





The Puppet of Resurrection (再誕の傀儡)

Battle Style


The FLS of Binding: Restriction


Crimson Wings: Seven Flowers

Voice Acting

Japanese Voice:

Nao Toyama

English Voice:

Xanthe Huynh[1]

"Neither one of us is a human... Thus,
I will perform your last rites, and proceed."

Vatista (バティスタ) is an Autonomic Nerve who has been around even before the founding of the Night Blade and Licht Kreis. Having ties to Kuon The Eternal, she has indirectly helped shape events that have brought about the current story as we know it.

She is one of the original twelve characters introduced in the first iteration of UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH


An Autonomic Nerve, with a mission to eliminate all Voids.

An ancient biological form known as Autonomic Nerves. They've existed for as long as we know, arguably an eternity, and emerge during the Hollow Night as its enforcers. She is one of them. On this Hollow Night, she detects an abnormal number of EXS levels, and awakens. Once awake, she wanders the Night as her program deems fit, making her way towards the Abyss. Her mission, to determine the source of the disturbance in EXS and eliminate it. But to her, Voids and In-Births are all enemies.[2]


Vatista is one of the Autonomic Nerve units that were created during the ancient times. Her unit number is 10 076. She awakens during the events of the story to fulfill her mission of exterminating all Voids.


Vatista has the look of a young, cute girl at about 15 to 16 years. She stands at 140cm tall, just barely making her the smallest character in the playable roster. She has incredibly long, white hair that goes well past her feet and trails along the ground, even while she's levitating. Her hair is done up in two ponytails held in place by two black cones and a set of headgear that several shots reveal they cover her ears, and a large hair antenna sticks outwards from the very top in a spiral formation, giving her the visage of angel when combined with her wings. Vatista has rose pink eyes, long, pointed ears, and a red gem that is embedded in her forehead.

She is usually depicted wearing a flared, black dress with a white collar, sleeves and dress, the latter two of which are ruffled. This dress is adorned with a red, glowing Curse Commandment pattern, which channels EXS throughout Vatista's body. She also wears black platform shoes, and a red neckerchief with white trimmings.

Underneath the dress, Vatista wears a skintight, black bodysuit that is also adorned with similar Curse Commandment markings. She can be seen wearing this in her pre-match start animation, before she manifests her dress.

In the past, Vatista had a more mature looking figure, and wore a long, white robe in place of her more youthful self's black dress, giving her even more of an angelic visage.


Due to her origin as an Autonomic Nerve, Vatista possesses little desire beyond completing her mission. While her mission dictates that she must kill Voids and cull the In-Birth population, there are times where she will show mercy to those she is meant to kill and occasionally shows genuine emotion, normally in response to sudden events.

Even among the Autonomic Nerve units, Vatista is an especially rare case of poor "fuel efficiency". Other units do not require sleep and food as often as Vatista does.[3]

Comically, she seems to lack what most people would consider common sense, having difficulty understanding the concept of clothing when Hyde tried to explain and not understanding the implications of standing in a single public spot for an entire month. The former would later become a recurring joke in the story whenever a second female character is involved, with Vatista asking Hyde if he made whichever girl they come across wear clothes as well.


During ancient times, humanity created powerful weapons using the same technology they used to create Golems. These weapons were called Autonomic Nerves. Autonomic Nerves were given the purpose to watch over the Hollow Night and make sure no one consumes too much EXS.

Episode: Through The Door (開かれた扉)
Vatista awakens to greet the person (The player) who opened the gate to the Night, she explains that she doesn't have too much memory stored in her data banks so that she won't damage her main processing unit. However, the reason as to why she's speaking to this person is a reason that even she herself doesn't know.

Vatista begins to explain that she only awakens in times like these to act as a guide to people who journey into the Night and guide their way through the darkness.

Episode: Nighttime Void (虚ろの夜語り)
Vatista was once awake during the first large-scale fight between the Night Blade and Licht Kreis, which is now known as "The Licht Kreis War". While she never took any part in the war itself, she did give Kuon one of her seven wings in order to halt Waldstein's transformation into a Void, this wing would soon be known as the Insulator. She also retells the origin of the Night Blade and the story of the Hollow God.

Arcade Story (アーケードモード)
Vatista is awakened into the Night and she is surprised that people don't use horses as a transport method anymore. On her way to search for information she then meets with Hyde. Together they take down the Paradox, but after that Vatista thinks there was a different person behind this incident who need to be taken down. Hyde suggests that Vatista would lodge at Hyde's place for a month until the next Hollow Night takes place.


Vatista's ability is the "FLS of Binding" (隷約のFLS): Restriction (レストリクション). Its powers allow Vatista to obstruct her opponents from using their abilities. In gameplay, her opponent's cannot utilize their true strength which is shown as the opponent's inability to deal "counterhits".[3].

Vatista's weapon is an Aegis-Attributer unit called Crimson Wings: Seven Flowers (紅翼:七花). The wings are operated with mind control and the laser beams that Vatista shoots utilize the energy from her wings[3]. It is supposed to have seven wings, but the seventh was given to Kuon and soon took the form of the Insulator.

Vatista's dress is adorned with a Curse Commandment pattern which allows her to transfer her FLS powers through her body. Vatista passively generates more FLS when she sleeps and eats. Some of her outfits, like the kimono and her various Christmas outfits do not have "Curse Commandment" as they are classified as "non-combat outfits".[3]

Combat wise, Vatista utilizes photokinesis in various ways such as projectiles, beams, and "finger bullets". She is also able to levitate in the air for a short time and release hovering energy crystals that explode when struck by her. She is capable of releasing massive beams of energy with destructive force via arranging her wings into different formations.

Musical Theme

Title Description
Snow Sisters Vatista's theme

Composer Commentary

Snow Sisters
I ended up with this composition when I wanted to express the mysteriousness and contraction of a robot having emotions.

In contrary with the overserious movements of the refrain melody, the bass line is gradually rising on the musical scale. I liked how this strange structure ended up. [4]

Snow Sisters


Introduction Text

She serves. A pawn that sleeps eternally. A puppet with no will to call her own. Her master,
nowhere to be seen. There is but one directive that resonates within her to this day - the end of
peace is the beginning of war. To destroy the Voids once and for all.

She serves. A pawn that sleeps eternally. A puppet with no will to call her own. Her master,
nowhere to be seen. There is but one directive that resonates to this day -- the end of
peace is the beginning of war. To destroy the Voids once and for all.

She follows. The pure piece which sleeps the long time.
As a doll without will. The Lord not seeing. Only one command deeply minced by soul.
A blind puppet dances under this night to the direction where a hand sounds.
The end of peacefulness is the beginning of a battle. For a total destruction of nothingness.

She serves. An innocent piece slumbers through the perpetual. As a marionette without free will.
The master she never saw. The only order deeply ingrained into her soul.
Tonight, the blind marionette waddles towards the sound of clapping hands.
The end of the peace is the beginning of the battle. To exterminate immortals.



Name Command
Unique Attacks
Unique Attack
B > B
Unique Attack
↓B > ↓B
Midair A + B
Force Function
Arma Bellum
アルマ ベルム
Simultaneously B + C
*Can be followed with Aerial Version by holding stick upwards
Arma Bellum (Midair)
アルマ ベルム (空中)
Midair simultaneously B + C
Arma Bellum (Crouching)
アルマ ベルム (しゃがみ)
Simultaneously ↓ + B · C
Special Attacks
Lumen Stella
EX: Lumen Stella Eclance
EX: ルーメンステラ エクランス
← charge → + A or B or C
*EX Able
Ruber Angelus
EX: Ruber Angelus Eclance
EX: ルベルアンゲルス エクランス
↓ charge ↑ A or B or C
*EX Able
Mico Ruceo
EX: Lux Fortis
EX: ルクスフォーティス
→ charge ← + A or B or C
*EX Able
Sidereus Fragments
Hold and release A or B or C
→ Satelles Triangulum
サーテレス トリアングルム
After detonating 3 Sidereus Framents in a combo,
hold and release A or B or C
Midair ↑ charge ↓ + A or B or C
*EX Able
Infinite Worth (Consumes 200% EXS)
Lacteus Orbis
←↙↓↘→ + D
Infinite Worth EXS (Consumes 200% EXS)
A · B · C · D simultaneously
Usable when below 30% health

Check the details about Vatista's gameplay from here!

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle

Name Command
Smart Combos
Smart Combo 1
A · A · A · A
Smart Combo 2
B · B
Smart Combo 3
Midair A · A
Special Attacks
Special Attack 1
Jumping C (Charge)
Reversal Action
Ruber Angelus
A · D simultaneously
Mico Ruceo
↓↘→ + A or B
*Air OK
Lumen Stella
↓↙← + A or B
*Air OK
Extra Skills
EX Lux Fortis
EX ルクスフォーティス
↓↘→ + C
*Consumes Skill Gauge by 1
EX Lumen Stella Eclance
EX ルーメンステラ エクランス
↓↙← + C
*Air OK *Consumes Skill Gauge by 1
Distortion Skill
Lacteus Orbis
↓↘→ + B · C simultaneously
*Air OK *Consumes Skill Gauge by 2
Ruber Angelus Animus
ルベルアンゲルス アニムス
↓↙← + B · C simultaneously
*Consumes Skill Gauge by 2
Distortion Skill Duo
Lacteus Orbis
P during the main character's Distortion Skill
*Consumes Skill Gauge by 2
Astral Heat (Consumes Skill Gauge by 9 via Level 4 Resonance Blaze)
↓↓↓ + B · C simultaneously
Usable with only one partner remaining on both sides


Official Art
Character Select
Victory Portrait
SD Character
BBTAG Vat.png
Character Select (Cross Tag Battle)
Ed vat.png
Arcade Mode Ending
Chronicle Mode Event (Nighttime Void 1)
Chronicle Mode Event (Nighttime Void 2)
Chronicle Mode Event (Nighttime Void 3)
Normal (通常)
Happy (喜)
Angry (怒)
Sad (哀)
Comfort (楽)
Nude (裸)
Official Illustrations
Merry Christmas by Seiichi Yoshihara (2011)
UNI V-Day 2012.png
Happy Valentine's Day by Seiichi Yoshihara (2012)
Merry Christmas by Seiichi Yoshihara (2012)
UNI V-Day 2013.jpg
Happy Valentine's Day by Seiichi Yoshihara (2013)
Vatista in Waldstein's Birthday Illustration by Takahiro Saitou (2013)
Merry Christmas by Seiichi Yoshihara (2013)
Outfit Design by Seiichi Yoshihara (2013)
UNI V-Day 2014.jpg
Happy Valentine's Day by Seiichi Yoshihara (2014)
UNI V-Day 2015.jpg
Happy Valentine's Day by Seiichi Yoshihara (2015)
Merry Christmas by Seiichi Yoshihara (2015)
by 6sec (2016)
Merry Christmas by Koutarou Shiratori (2016)
Happy Valentine's Day by Yuusuke Nakahara (2017)
Merry Christmas by Seiichi Yoshihara (2017)
Christmas 2018.png
Merry Christmas by Seiichi Yoshihara (2018)
Christmas 2019 Vatista.png
Merry Christmas by Seiichi Yoshihara (2019)
Merry Christmas by Seiichi Yoshihara (2020)
Guest Illustrations
El guest01.png
El guest04.png
By Skullgirls Art Team (UNIEL)
St guest03.png
By Namaco (UNIst)
By Yusano (UNIclr)
Concept Art
Vatista from the First Trailer
Scrap vati.png
Initial Design
Design Sheets from Mook
Design Sheets from Mook
Initial concept art from Exe:Late[cl-r] gallery
Concept art from Exe:Late[cl-r] gallery
Concept art from Exe:Late[cl-r] gallery
Concept art from Exe:Late[cl-r] gallery
Store Icons
Character colors 2.jpg
Additional colors (Playstation Store)
Character colors 6.jpg
Additional colors 2 (Playstation Store)
Vat system voice.jpg
System Voice (Playstation Store)
Gameplay from 1.00 Build
Gameplay Tutorial for Exe:Late

Creation & Development

Initial Design

Initial pictures of Vatista show that she was originally packed with a lot more character traits. Vatista's sleepy nature is apparently a reference to someone Yoshihara knows.[5]

Because of the initial science-fiction setting, Vatista originally had more mecha-like functions and speech-patterns. However, the producer thought the character was packed with too many "best-seller traits". Those mecha-elements were scrapped after the setting shifted into a modern-day world.

The producer's request was a petite character, so they first lowered Vatista's "physical age" and her height. She initially was going to have twintails, but they were excluded. [6]. After that Vatista settled on to her current design.


  • Vatista's name comes from the term "Variable Register" (バリアブルレジスタ) which is supposed to mean something along the lines of "Excludes and rearranges the transformed ones." 変質したものを除外し整える.


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