Uzuki (ウヅキ)


The Undertaker [Black Monger]





Voice Actor

Satomi Akesaka

"What in the hell?! How dare you presume to give orders to the mighty Uzuki, you ignorant wench?! But, since today is your special day... I suppose I can let you have the spotlight this once."


Uzuki (ウヅキ) is one of the leaders of Amnesia who goes by the alias of The Black Monger.


Uzuki is a long-haired girl and a more recent addition to Amnesia. She is a strange young girl who is recognizable in part for her choice of dressing completely in black, childish clothing, carrying a black parasol wherever she goes, her odd looking facial features and her grating voice.


Uzuki is a young girl with long, pink hair that goes past her feet and strange facial features, such as black pupils with white, hypnotic swirls and thin lips that leave her mouth seemingly locked in a wry smile. She wears a pair of glasses with thick, red rims.

Her attire consists of a black corset with white strings and two straps that are connected to a choker and a pair of black pantaloons with two large belts hanging loosely from her waist. She wears long, black gloves that travel up to her upper arms, and high-heel boots. Uzuki's most defining aspect of her wardrobe is a large, black top hat that veers off to the side slightly with a white clip depicting a cartoonish face resembling that of a rabbit adorned just above the brim of the hat. She carries a black umbrella with a skeletal handle (Originally a normal steel handle) and a handbag, the contents of which remain unknown.

Concept art has revealed that the hat that Uzuki wears appears to be sentient, and is capable of emoting and even speaking.


A far cry from the other members of Amnesia, even including Hilda. Uzuki is described as being cruel and self-absorbed, having absolutely no respect for anyone else but herself and will go to any lengths to achieve her goals. Her train of thought is very simplistic and she mainly acts according to the first gut feeling she has. She despises taking orders from anyone, much preferring to do whatever she wants instead.

Compared to anyone else in Amnesia, Uzuki holds the most disdain towards Hilda, whom she refers to as an "Ignorant wench" (馬鹿女), and will go out of her way to berate her as much as possible.


Episode: Festival Flames (祭りの後火)
While Uzuki herself doesn't make a physical appearance, Chaos briefly refers to promoting new members that they have recently gained, and brings up Uzuki as a notable example. Thanks to Uzuki's EXS abilities, as well as Hilda wanting absolutely nothing to do with her, she quickly earns herself a promotion. She now acts as an Executive within Amnesia.

Episode: Power Beat (強者の鼓動)
Once again, Uzuki doesn't make a physical appearance, but when Waldstein passes through a group of visitors at Amnesia's party, he notices a girl wearing foreign clothes that remind of him of a "magician" or a "witch doctor", which could be referring to her.

Arcade Mode (アーケードモード)
Uzuki makes an appearance at the end of Hilda's Arcade Mode story only if the player has scored two-hundred-million points. She briefly appears alongside Enkidu when Hilda asks someone to dispose of Hyde and Linne, and she makes her dislike for Hilda very clear.


Uzuki's abilities haven't been revealed yet, but developer Q&A's have revealed her powers relate to her nickname as the Black Monger (the undertaker). Her ability is very useful in battles and it's told that Uzuki always appears in any larger scale battles Amnesia takes part in.

If Chaos' comments are to be believed, Uzuki is incredibly powerful thanks to her EXS.


  • Uzuki (卯月) is the traditional Japanese name for the fourth month in the Gregorian calendar, April. Four is also a traditional number of bad luck in Japan. April is sometimes referred to as the "Month of Death", which also ties to Uzuki's visual theme as The Undertaker.
  • Uzuki is voiced by the same actress that voices Eltnum, Satomi Akesaka.
  • Uzuki is the only NPC who has both made a physical appearance and talk in the past that doesn't appear in Chronicle Mode, only getting a few offhand mentions.
  • Despite only appearing in Hilda's Arcade ending if certain conditions are met, Uzuki's dialogue portrait will always be unlocked in the gallery whether or not you've scored the amount of points necessary to trigger the ending.
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