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February 06, 2018 (First blog post):

(Four days until UNIst hits western shores)

Today is the day I start cracking down on a possibly leaked pic of Joker, an unseen NPC from Under Night In-Birth that has become a personal interest of mine. A character that we know nothing about yet has a name that speaks many words and raises many questions. 


Around about late June to early July, about a few weeks before UNIst's console release in Japan, this image surfaced on Twitter. I've asked people in the UNI Discord and around Twitter to see if anyone knew anything, to no response. I even tried reaching out to Narita, Kamone and Raito themselves but got no reply (No surprise there, my Japanese skills are below subpar and the only thing I said in the tweet directed at them was a single '?'.)

This is a possible picture of Joker, but as of now, I'm holding back on making a page for him as I don't know for certain as to whether the image is real or fake.

I've sent this picture to the admin of the UNI wiki, Sourenga to try and see if he may know anything about the pic and as of this typing, awaiting a response.

Thanks to a certain user on TV Tropes who translated what little text can be seen on the pic, I've discovered that Joker's design could've been based on a reviewer who talked about the vanilla arcade version back when that first released (Or something along those lines.)

To anybody else reading this post, be it anonymous or othewise, who knows anything about this picture, please reach me at my Twitter or here on Wikia.

If this picture is legitamate, then I look forward to Joker potentially making an appearance in the near future of UNI, this design fits the series' aesthetic incredibly well and I can already get a taste of what his personality and possible playstyle will be and I hope that Amnesia's King of Clowns will be a key player within the lore and the story to come.

(Also, Goddamn those shades look nice.)

On an unrelated note, I wonder what to post to this blog in the future.