Under Night In-Birth Wiki

Wow, been a while since I did one of these, huh? Well, at lot has happened since my last post, in terms of personal stuff, world stuff, and UNI stuff. Exe:Late[cl-r] got leaked, was revealed, and was released, for starters. A Twitter page has been established for the Wiki, as well as a Discord server. It's been a wild year, both in terms of good and bad, but I'm still kicking.

Anyways, the original plan, about two years ago, was to make daily blog posts about my time on the Wiki, but personal stuff got in the way, unfortunately. College and whatnot. I wanna get back to doing these blog posts again, because it almost helps me clear my mind when it comes to what's going on here.

Obviously, there's been more than just UNIclr releasing. There have been new interviews, more interesting stuff datamined, official characters polls have started up again, there's been a whole cargo-load of stuff that needs adding. Running a Discord server as well as a Twitter account has added more load to my ship, and it's getting a bit too much to handle. Not to say I don't like being a moderator for this place, because I do. I love UNI, I love its characters, its setting, its lore, and all of those little behind the scenes tidbits make me giddier than a sped-out toddler in a candy store.

However, I'm beginning to think we need more help with this.

I can't do this on my own, and I'm beginning to think we need more mods in place for here and for the Discord. I've tried putting up offerings to help on Twitter and on the Discord multiple times, but unfortunately, I haven't gotten responses any of those times. But I remain determined! I want this community to grow, but we just need more manpower. We need more people who are dedicated to this Wiki. I'm just a content moderator at the end of the day. I mostly help out with editing and adding. We need more people who are familiar with plugins and more technical stuff, and we're gonna need it with this massive move that's supposed to be taking place soon.