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Jan 25th 2013 ~ Jul 12th 2013

UNIPEDIA (UNIぺディア) is a series of flash-animated shorts which tell slightly more detailed info about the series' characters.


In this series, Linne and Vatista talk about the cast members and reveal things that didn't get revealed in the Arcade Modes.

They make a point to note at the start of each episode how their personalities can be "slightly different" from what they are in the actual game.

On November 10th 2017, all the episodes were updated from FLASH format into modern HTML5 format.[1]


Please do note that some of the information is considered outdated because of the Chronicle Mode.

Episode 1: Hyde

「リンネ」 また際どい企画が始まったものだな。 記念すべき1回目は主人公であるハイドの紹介だ。

「バティスタ」 第2回があることを祈るのみ…。

「リンネ」 あと予算&時間の都合で音声は無いぞ。 なに、その分際どいことが喋れる。

「リンネ」 さて、ハイドと言えば手にした剣…ばかりに注目がいくが、ここでそんなつまらないことに答える義理はない。

「バティスタ」 …。

「リンネ」 ハイドは普通の一般家庭の育ちだ。 両親は海外赴任中で一軒家に一人暮らし。 私やワレンもそこに居候中だな。

「リンネ」 ワレンが現代日本の家屋でサイズ的にどう暮らしているのかは今以て謎でファンタジーだ。

「バティスタ」 …後に私もそこで暮らすのは設定的には正史となるそう。 …安心。

「リンネ」 やれやれ…。 こんな物騒なのと同居では気が休まらないな。


「リンネ」こんなところで第1回は終了だ。 それじゃな。

LINNE: I see that a risky project has started once again. The commemorative first episode is the introduction of our protagonist, Hyde.

VATISTA: Let us hope that we'll even have a second episode...

LINNE: We have no voices because of the circumstances surrounding both budget and scheduling. That just means, we get to talk about a bit more risky topics.

LINNE: Well then, talking of Hyde... the sword he holds gathers all the attention, but here we're not obligated to answer such trivial questions.

VATISTA: . . . .

LINNE: Hyde was grown in a completely normal family. Both of his parents got appointed to a work abroad, so Hyde's currently living by himself. Wald and I are also lodging over his place.

LINNE: It's just pure fantasy how Wald manages to live in a modern Japanese house, considering his size.

VATISTA: In the official setting, it seems to be "canon" that later I will also be living there with you... What a relief.

LINNE: Geez, I can't really relax when something this dangerous lives in the same house.

VATISTA: Take a look at a mirror.

LINNE: That's all for the first episode. See ya.

Episode 2: Linne

Episode 3: Wald

Episode 4: Kuu

Episode 5: Orie

Episode 6: Carmine

Episode 7: Gordeau

Episode 8: Chaos

Episode 9: Merkava

Episode 10: Vatista

Episode 11: Seth

Episode 12: Yuzuriha

Episode 13: Hilda

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