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アンダーナイトインヴァース エクセレイト エスト
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Arc System Works (Consoles and Steam)


JP: Arc System Works
US: Aksys Games
EU: PQube




PlayStation 3
PlayStation 4
PlayStation Vita

Release date:

July 23rd 2015
JP July 20th 2017
US/EU February 9th 2018
WW August 20th 2018

Opening Theme:

End of Dawn (arcade V3.00)
Unknown Actor (console/arcade V3.30)

Ending Themes:

The Fierce Darkness (Enkidu)
The Requiem for The Crimson Sword (Wagner)

UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe:Late[st] (アンダーナイトインヴァース エクセレイト エスト), usually shortened to UNIst, is the second major revision of UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH, featuring adding new balance changes, mechanics, and characters. It released in arcades on July 23rd 2015, and was then ported to consoles two years later on July 20th 2017 in Japan, and February 9th 2018 in western regions. Exe:Late[st] was then released on Steam on August 20th of that same year.


Exe:Late[st] added a new Veil-Off mechanic called Cross Cast Veil Off, a new VO that can be used during combos, allowing combos to be further extended. The update also brought previously console-exclusive characters Nanase and Byakuya to the arcades, as well as adding two brand new characters: Phonon and Mika.

The console release added a large amount of new content. Two new characters were added in the forms of Enkidu and Wagner. The console release also added new modes, such as Chronicle Mode: An extensive visual novel Story Mode that acts as a prequel to the main Arcade story, detailing the motives, backgrounds and origins of the main playable cast in the span of a year leading up to the main story, as well as an expansive tutorial that teaches players the basics of UNI, and a Mission Mode that allows players to practice specific character combos, as well as giving short rundowns of how a character plays.


May 15th 2015, Arc System Works announces location tests for a brand-new build of the game. The new characters added in the previous console version, Nanase and Byakuya, were finally being added into the arcades. The game then launched late July.

About a year later, FRENCH-BREAD reveals new update featuring re-balancing of the battle system and addition of Mika.

On April 18th 2017, Famitsu announced that Exe:Late[st] will be released for the consoles of Playstation family on July 27th 2017.

On July 1st 2017, Aksys Games announced that they will localize the game and aim to release it during Q4 2017. However, on November 21st Aksys Games announced that Exe:Late[st] will release in United States on February 9th 2018.

The PS4 version of the game sold 5013 copies on its launch week in Japan [1]. The PS3 version didn't rank. Neither version ranked on the Media Create lists on the second week. The download version of the game managed to rank high on the PSN Sales Ranking on the launch day. [2]

On July 15th 2018, FRENCH-BREAD announced that Exe:Late[st] was released on Steam on August 21st, with the US and EU having the game released a day earlier on August 20th.

On November 11, 2018, FRENCH-BREAD announced the future new contents will be coming to this game. After February 26, 2019 where Exe:Late[st] became the very first FRENCH-BREAD game to be part of the international game tournament, such as EVO 2019, its final update, Exe:Late [cl-r] was announced at August 4, 2019 for Early 2020 release.

Version History

Version 3.00 (July 23rd 2015)

■ New Characters
In addition to Nanase and Byakuya from the console version, a queen-natured whip-user Phonon joins the fight.
■ New System
Cancel your attack and activate Veil-Off. "Cross Cast Veil-Off" appears!
■ Game Balance
Adjusted the game balance for all characters. Enjoy the thrills and mindgames born from this new conflict!

■ 新キャラクター
■ 新システム
■ ゲームバランス
全キャラクターのゲームバランスを調整。新しい攻防が生まれ、 かつてない読み合いのスリル・興奮を味わえます!

Version 3.01 (September 8th 2015)[3]

■ Fixed the bug where the webs set up by Byakuya's "Should I plant it around here?" didn't disappear when they were attacked, as well as the bug where they dealt chip damage even when blocked with a Shield.
■ Fixed the bug where Phonon's EX "Yuudou Ascend" animation would play out if you cancelled the attack on hit and used another move.
■ Fixed the bug where Vatista's "Sidereus Fragmentum" dealt more hits than normally when they were detonated.
■ Fixed the bug where Seth's "Nosedive follow-up move" messed with the blocking orientations of Seth's moves used afterwards.
■ Fixed the bug where Waldstein's "Sturmangriff" had his hurtbox the same as during a normal jump.
■ Fixed the bug where Chaos' "Breathe Out" couldn't be cancelled into other special moves on hit.

■ Other Fixes
Other various fixes and improvements to the game's stability.



Version 3.10 (June 27th 2016)[4]

■ New Character
・Additional character Mika has been added.
・Mika's scenario has been added to Arcade Mode.
・One additional stage and BGM has been added for Mika.

■Adjustments for All Characters
・Strengthtened all characters so the gameplay would be more enjoyable.
・Adjusted the damage and parameters for the game system.

Change List (In Japanese)

■Additional functions for the Training Mode
・Added various functions such as "Reversal Action".

■Additional Icons, Plates and Character Colors
・Added seversal dozens of new plates and icons.
・Added 10 colors for each character.






Version 3.11 (January 19th 2017)[5]

■ Fixed the bug when using Yuzuriha's Saki or Yaei'ichirin under special circumstances, you could enter the Stance while the C-button Stance icon didn't appear.
■ Fixed the bug with Mika and Phonon where cancelling 5A or 2A into a special move would allow you to cancel the said special with a normal throw.
■ Fixed the bug with Chaos' A-version "That's the prey" and "Repel them", where using them during a combo causes his Smart Steer to not complete all of its inputs.
■ Fixed the bug with Gordeau.

  • The bug where using a Chain Shift after the Assimilation followup from Mortal Slide and then cancelling it into an EX Special Move right afterwards would scale the damage harder/lower.
  • The bug where using a grounded EX Mortal Slide in a combo wouldn't absorb the opponent's GRD.

■ Other Fixes
Other various fixes and improvements to the game's stability.

※This time we haven't conducted any changes with balance changes in mind.



Version 3.20 (July 6th 2017)[6]

■ Changes in Game Balance
Game balance for all characters has been refined.
Conducted changes to increase the range of play. Added new moves and improved the hitboxes for existing moves without intentionally weakening attack's performance.
For more details, please refer to the link below.
Change List (In Japanese)

■ Added and changed some functions in the Training Mode.
・Updated the command lists that are viewable within Training Mode, so that players recognize which moves are newly added.
・If the enemy's Shield setting is put to "Yes", the enemy will now use Shield when forced to block the player's aerial attacks in midair.
・Fixed the issue when enemy's Shield setting was set to "Yes" but immediately after performing a Chain Shift, they would use the regular blocking.

■ Other Fixes
Other various fixes and improvements to the game's stability.

■ ゲームバランスを変更しました。


■ その他の不具合修正

Version 3.30 (September 14th 2017)[7]

■ Additional Playable Characters
Wagner and Enkidu have been added as playable characters.
■ UI Revision
UI has been renewed for Mode Select and Training Mode.
■ Other Fixes
Other various fixes and improvements to the game's stability.

■ 新キャラクター追加
■ UIデザイン修正
■ その他の不具合修正


Title Description
End of Dawn Arcade opening theme
Sound of Night Wind Phonon's theme
Mutual Situation Hyde VS Seth theme
Forceful Step Mika's theme
Unknown Actor Console opening theme
Extreme Stream Enkidu's theme
The Fierce Darkness Enkidu's ending theme
Flame & Destiny Wagner's theme
The Requiem for The Crimson Sword Wagner's ending theme
Keep you burning! Main Menu theme
Load Exist Network Mode theme
Memory of Abyss Chronicle Mode theme

In addition to these themes, there are 31 themes and one unused music that are used in the Chronicle Mode. These songs however have not been officially released and lack official track names.

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