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アンダーナイトインヴァース エクセレイト
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Ecole Software
Arc System Works (Consoles and Steam)


JP: Arc System Works
US: Aksys Games
EU: NIS America




PlayStation 3
Microsoft Windows

Release date:

September 5th 2013
PlayStation 3
JP July 24th 2014
US February 24th 2015
EU February 27th 2015
WW July 12th 2016

Opening Theme:

Thousands in the Scarlet Darkness (arcade)
Starry Night Prison (console)

Ending Themes:

The Azure Faraway (Nanase)
Cradle in Doom (Byakuya)

UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe:Late (アンダーナイトインヴァース エクセレイト), usually abbreviated to UNIEL, is the first major update of UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH. It launched in arcades on September 5th 2013, and then for PlayStation 3 on July 24th 2014 in Japan, exactly half a year later in February 2015 in the US, and two days later on the 27th in EU regions, marking UNI's first foray onto consoles. Exe:Late then released on Steam on July 12th 2016.


Under the night of cursed copper, deeper into the "Exe:Late". [1]


The new upgraded version of the game was first announced at the SEGA PRIVATE SHOW 2013 -SPRING- on May 24th 2013. It featured balance changes for gameplay and adds Chaos, who originally appeared as an NPC in Arcade Mode, as a playable character. Later a brand new guest character, Akatsuki joined the character roster.

On April 22nd 2014, Famitsu announced that Exe:Late will be released for PlayStation 3 on July 24th 2014. Nanase and Byakuya joined the character roster in the game's console version.

On July 4th 2014, Aksys Games announced that they will localize the game. On November 12th Aksys Games announced that Exe:Late will release in the United States on February 24th 2015. The European release was announced to be handled by NIS America.

Version History

Ver. 2.00 (September 9th 2013)[2]

New Elements:
Chaos added as a playable character
Force Function added
Guard Thrust added
・ 2 new stages added
・ New modes: Normal Mode, Score Attack, Time Attack and Training Mode
In-Birth Front gained support of "In-Birth Points" and all kinds of customization.
・ Width of the stages has been increased
・ Characters can no longer move before the round starts
・ Universal nerfs in each character's health and damage
Assault no longer consumes EXS
・ Jump attacks are now overheads only during the descending part of a jump
・ Pratfall mechanics removed
・ Auto Recovery removed (Aerial Recovery is now invincible until you land, but you can't move in the air)
Recovery options increased: Ground Backward Roll added. Aerial Forward, Neutral and Backward.
・ "Recover Correction Value" added which changes the length of combos.
・ Particular invincibilities added to certain moves, like "invincible only against projectiles"
・ If an aerial attack is now Shielded, the user can't move anymore before they land.
Guard Shield now pushes the opponent away from the user.
・ Wallbounce limit on combo dropped to 1 wallbounce. Instant recovery if used twice in a combo.
・ If a Veil Off hits the opponent during a combo, it won't cause a GRD Break but destroys Vorpal state instead.

・受身関係、オートリカバリー廃止、空中受身追加(空中で復帰した場合は例により着地まで行動不能だが無敵)ダウン状態からの復帰受身を追加、受身のバリエーション追加、空中 前、ニュートラル、後ろに可能、その他 ニュートラル、後ろに可能
・すべての攻撃に“リカバリー補正値”という新しいパラメータを付加(基本的に弱攻撃、各バウンドが復帰早くなり強攻撃が繋げ易い?) ※新要素かも?
属性無敵の追加、各キャラクター一部の攻撃が空中攻撃や飛び道具に対してのみ無敵になる属性を追加 ※新要素かも?

Ver. 2.01 (September 18th 2013)[3]

Akatsuki added as a computer-only character. He can be encountered during the Arcade Mode by fulfilling certain conditions.
■ Universal correction on Dash-cancel Dash. You can no longer cancel dash-cancel dash into normal dash.
■ Hilda's charged j.C is now counted as a multi-hitting overhead

■ 新キャラクターであるアカツキがCPUとして登場するようになりました!このキャラクターはアーケードモードをプレイ中、特定条件を満たすとCPUとして乱入してきます。
■ ダッシュキャンセルダッシュの修正(公式に記載なし)、ダッシュ、でがかりを再度ダッシュでキャンセルし続けられなくなりました。
■ ヒルダのインクリースJCも多段中段上段化の影響を受けるように

Ver. 2.02 (October 22nd 2013)[4]

Akatsuki added as a playable character
・ Vatista's floating (j.A+B) fixed
・ Special attack added that activates when you use Vatista's Sidereus Fragmentum four times in a combo
・ Hilda's Force Function animation modified
・ Huge meter gain when use Carmine's 3C at certain times has been fixed
・ Accuracy of Chaos' "Sidle up" fixed.

■ 新キャラクターであるアカツキがプレイアブル化

Ver. 2.03 (August 4th 2014)[5]

・ Fixed a bug that made Assault attacks retain landing recovery.
・ Fixed a bug that made particular throws miss the hit in the corner.
・ Fixed a bug that gave Gordeau's "Turbulence" greater reach when he's on the left side of the screen.
・ Fixed a bug that made Akatsuki's EX Denkoudan weird when it hits the opponent in hit stun and is canceled with Chain Shift.
・ Other minor system adjustments.


Console Version

Console Version Changes (July 24th 2014)

  • Nanase and Byakuya added as a playable character
  • 3 new stages added
  • Rearranged character roster select
    • Chaos is on the 2P row to Hilda's 1P
    • Eltnum is on the 1P side to Akatsuki's 2P
  • Akatsuki got his winner announcer


Title Description
Erudite Eyes Chaos' theme
Cross Thought Chaos VS Gordeau theme
Dawn of War -again- Akatsuki's theme
Starry Night Prison Console opening theme
Gallant Girl ~Blowing Wind that Flows from the Sky~ Nanase's theme
The Azure Faraway Nanase's ending theme
Beat Eat Nest Byakuya's theme
Cradle in Doom Byakuya's ending theme
Heavy Noise Arcade Mode theme (Encounter 2)
Welcome to this Lateshow Main Menu theme
Access Connect Network Mode theme

Pre-order Bonus







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