This is the timeline for all the events during the course of the story of UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH.

The dates for various events vague because the official material only rarely refers to actual dates.


Year / Month Event
Unknown Date ■ The Hollow Night phenomena begins.
Unknown Date ■ A nameless scientist creates the Autonomic Nerves to oversee the Hollow Night.
Unknown Date Adelheid turns into a Re-Birth for an unknown reason
Licht Kreis is formed.
15th Century Hollow Night Story (Nighttime Void)
■ The Hollow God visits a nameless village during his travels.
■ Rumors about this mysterious visitor reach the neighboring villages and they attempt to scout out the so-called Witchcraft Village.
■ The Night Blade is created to protect the secrets of the village from outsiders.
■ Rumors about the mysterious magic users of the village reach Licht Kreis.
Waldstein is sent to Japan with an army to investigate these rumors.
■ The Licht Kreis War begins and the Night Blade emerge victorious.
■ Waldstein turns into a Human-Void hybrid and chooses to join the Night Blade after having his life saved by Kuon.
■ Adelheid is angered by Waldstein's betrayal. She changes the entire organization structure to accept only female members. Ritter Schild is formed in response to this.
Unknown Date ■ The village elders decide to hide most of their knowledge of EXS into two seals. These seals become what are now known to some as the Secret Arts of Reincarnation and Eternity.
■ The Sougetsu clan part ways with the Night Blade, taking only their heirloom Iris Blade with them.
■ The internal power struggle within Night Blade is triggered by Seth's ancestors.
Unknown Date Enkidu's master dies.
12 Years Before ■ Orie's parents are murdered by a Void that speaks human language.
■ Orie is taken in by a Licht Kreis orphanage. Some time later, she meets and becomes friends with Lex, Mika and Kaguya.
10 Years Before ■ A young Seth meets with a girl named Chitose and tells her of his desire to protect the Princess of Night Blade.
■ During the same night, Chitose is killed by unknown causes and the Princess of Night Blade transfers into her next body.
9 Years Before ■ Nanase and Phonon become friends at grade school.
Year 20XX -1 Autumn

Wagner acts out of order and is summoned to the HQ.
Amnesia is founded sometime after.


■ Wagner arrives in Japan as punishment for her previous actions.

Orie's Story (A Just Messenger)
■ A few weeks later, Orie arrives in Japan. Orie transfers to the same school as Hyde.
Mika's Story (Meeting With A Friend)
■ Mika decides to sneak out of HQ while she is on probation and travel to Japan to assist Orie.

December Yuzuriha's Story (Ancient Guardian and The Devil's King)
■ The Demon Society, Bankikai is created by Ogre.
Year 20XX January Chaos' Story (The Sage Cometh In the Night)
■ Chaos turns into an In-Birth and steals a forbidden tome from Licht Kreis. Gordeau scouts him out to become Amnesia's strategist.
February Carmine's Story ("You're really pissing me off!")
■ Carmine becomes an In-Birth. He meets with Gordeau and a strange boy called Azel.
March Byakuya's Story (I Love My Sister)
■ Byakuya's sister, Tsukuyomi dies in a car accident. In his despair, Byakuya wanders into the Hollow Night and becomes possessed by Void-like powers.
April Wagner's Story (A Saint Appears)
■ Wagner deals with regular school life while also investigating the recent increase of In-Birth activity within Kanzakai.

Gordeau's Story (Amnesia Vs. Bankikai)
■ Gordeau's old friend, Roger, comes back from his most recent travels. Later, Roger turns into a Void Fallen and is killed by the Crimson Knight.
Ogre dies and Bankikai stops all activity.
Zohar goes insane from the power of the Abyss and almost kills Strix
Enkidu's Story (Festival Flames)
■ Gordeau stops participating in Amnesia's activities.
Uzuki joins Amnesia.

May Waldstein's Story (Power Beat)
Waldstein and Linne arrive in Kanzakai. They sneak into Amnesia's party while trying to gather info on their leader, Paradox.
June Seth's Story (Chained Soul)
Chaos acquires The Eliminator from Kuon. He uses it as a bargaining chip to make a deal with Seth. Seth starts to accept orders from Chaos.
July Strix's Story (A Girl Serene)
Strix meets with a strange boy called Byakuya and they decide to work together. Strix starts to act like Byakuya's sister.
August Phonon's Story (A False Identity, A True Self)
■ Phonon turns into an In-Birth and is scouted out to join the EFG.
September Merkava's Story (The Beast and The Hunter)
Londrekia comes to Kanzakai to investigate rumours of a large Void. He hears from Lex that Wagner is not present in the city at the moment.

Linne's Story (Child of Darkness)
Hyde becomes an In-Birth and manages to summon the legendary blade, The Insulator. Linne and Waldstein move into Hyde's residence.

October Nanase's Story (Dreams of The Night)
■ Nanase wanders into the Hollow Night and turns into an In-Birth.

Hyde's Story (A Reluctant Hero)
■ Twelve days later. Hyde encounters Kuon in a nearby park and is told to meet with Hilda.
Hilda's Story (Road To The Under Night...)
■ Eleven days later. Kuon visits Hilda and warns her about the process of turning into a Re-Birth.

Arcade Story begins

November Subjugation of Paradox is over.
*Hilda's Vessel is damaged and she becomes unable to fight for some time.
*Vatista moves into Hyde's residence
*Mika arrives in Kanzakai and moves into Orie's residence
*Phonon leaves the EFG
*Enkidu leaves Amnesia



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