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Health: 9501 (Originally 12100, then 8100)
Play-style: Offensive, Rushdown, Pressure, Mixup, High Mobility, Setplay
Dash Type: Run
Specialty: Midair dash, fast fall, unique backstep
Seth is the only character in the game with a midair backstep. See more details on the Command Normals/Unique Arts section. He also possesses a unique grounded-backstep with two different versions. Walkspeed increases when in Vorpal state, as well as the distance of his j.22 followup.

Seth is a speed-type character who confuses his opponents with fast movements. A majority of his normals give leeway to long blockstrings and combos, and also gives him great pressure added with solid wakeup offense. He also possesses one of the fastest dashes in the game, and in turn this overall allows him to gain heavy access to a large majority of extensive combos with one of the higest total-damage outputs as of Exe:Late[st].

His only long range move is projectile called "Segment of Stitch Binding" which activates with lag. When the ammo launches, dash and close the opponent with "Vengeance of Twin Hooks", or simply place another "Segment" to condition your opponent to react accordingly as long as Seth isn't hit. At close range "Confusion of Vanishing" you can appear from various places on the ground and from the air to break the opponents defense, or to even use its attacking followup as a combo extender of sorts. Combining the throw move "Convict of Sinful Blame" with it, is also an effective solution, along with his 2A for powerful tick-throw pressure.

Thus, Seth has very little trouble getting into his opponent's space with good zoning and mindgames should he score an effective knockdown, but he's not too overly strong and can't risk too much in taking a beating since his HP has been on the low end along with having somewhat subpar proration on his moves. His stronger normals also lack safe-frame data, which makes it difficult at times to safely use specific moves to end his blockstrings and/or grounded-hitstun-combos on a frame advantage. As a result, Seth relies much more on conditioning opponents to block badly against unexpected forms of offense as opposed to extending his risky blockstrings to make them crack under pressure.

His high mobility also makes him a bit difficult to control, and thus he requires good execution. Added in with how his Segment of Stitch Binding works, he also mainly works better up-close which overall makes him fairly ineffective at far range. To also compensate for his high overall mobility, Seth's walkspeed, especially when moving forward and not in Vorpal state, is notably slow on its own. He also as of Exe: Late[st], has still has the lowest amount of HP in the game ever since the first Exe: Late[st] despite having an increase.

Seth just like Orie, has an extended backdash, which is a back leap leading into a backflip. However, Seth's version flips him into the air via a back jump where he can perform any air actions; pressing down before the backflip comes out causes him to remain grounded. The said flip jump can also allow Seth to have complete control over his aerial momentum as he's able to drift through the air unlike a normal jump. However, this too is also a notable weakness since his backdash makes him rather cumbersome to use.

Regardless, to access Seth's combos potential, one must know every possible hit confirm to extend off of; if that hurdle can be overcome, then any expert Seth player is able to deal large strings of small-yet-consistent damage per combo (which is emphasized in his more direct buffs received in Exe:Late[st]).

Move List

Normal Moves

Input Damage Guard Cancel
UNI A.gif 170 Crouch/Stand SP/JC/EX/CS
Seth-5a.png Shanks his dagger right beside him at a high angle.

Smart Steer: 5A, 5B, 5(C) x2, 623A, 623C
Input Damage Guard Cancel
2.gifUNI A.gif 140 Crouch SP/JC/EX/CS
Seth-2a.png Small low poke kick with the leading leg that can be rapid-fired.

Staple light-kick low attack, and one of the best poke kicks in the game due to very solid pressure it gives off due to its fast speed, but on the flipside it prorates quite badly in combos making this a sub-optimal combo starter.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
UNI B.gif 455 Crouch/Stand SP/JC/EX/CS
Seth-5b.png Small slash on the height of his face via a backhand turn slash. Decent hitbox.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
2.gifUNI B.gif 550 Crouch SP/JC/EX/CS
Seth-2b.png Crouches and wide-shanks low with the dagger. A very fast 6-frame low attack.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
Dash UNI B.gif 455 Crouch/Stand SP/EX/CS
Seth-db.png A following knee kick instantly followed up with same motion as 5B.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
UNI C.gif 350 Crouch/Stand SP/JC/EX/CS
Seth-5c.png Slashes down his dagger after a forward turn. Moves Seth forward and gives him the largest technical range out of all his normals.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
2.gifUNI C.gif 280 (330) Crouch SP/JC/EX/CS
Seth-2c.png Sweeping breakdance kick (called a "flare") that does 2 hits. Has a long reach and is a very solid combo tool, and both hits will connect on the opponent or hit or block.

Both hits also hit low, and the second hit is also safe on block. Allows for solid combo/chain variety due to both hits being cancellable.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
Dash UNI C.gif 960 Crouch/Stand SP/EX/CS
Seth-dc.png Really wide turning inward slash that punches the opponent towards the edge of screen and wall-bounces. Great combo tool with very solid coverage. Goes through the opponent on hit or block, thus on the latter case it switches sides akin to Hyde's Dashing C.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
j. UNI A.gif 140 Stand SP/EX/CS
Seth-ja.png Classical jumping light/medium kick. Kicks obliquely downwards and lasts for a decent amount of frames for a good jump-in.

Not only that, but it also comes out very fast allowing you to hit-confirm against slowing jump-ins (such as a j.B or j.C). It has short range one must still be mindful of though.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
j. UNI B.gif 444 Stand SP/EX/CS
Seth-jb.png Horizontal outward-shred slash with both daggers. Good for cross-ups.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
j. UNI C.gif 580 Stand SP/EX/CS
Seth-jc.png Cuts right below him with an acrobatic dual-rip. Slow start-up and is mainly for air-to-ground (with a very deep vertical hitbox) and cross-ups as well as OTG pickups.

It also has some decent horizontal range, but out-prioritizing anything via air-to-air with this isn't something to expect.


Input Damage Guard Cancel
UNI A.gif+UNI D.gif 1940
Seth-throw.png Holds foe then does a leaping uppercut-slash while rising into the air.

Force Function

Input English Name Japanese Name Damage Guard Cancel
(UNI B.gif+UNI C.gif) (Hold to charge) Abyssal Geometric
(Geometry of Depth Advance)
Seth-ff.png Cowers down and clenches his fist to focus. Causes his next Segment of Stitch Binding projectile to be set further away from Seth's position, but most of all removes much of the delay which causes it to fire its projectile sooner. The more the move is charged, the less delay the next Segment of Stitch Binding projectile fired out will have.

Also causes said orbs to be indestructible by attacks, though Seth himself can still be hit.

The powered-up orbs also possess a different move proration-calculation different from a normal Segment of Stitch Binding, allowing for some intricate-extended combos.

Command Normals/Unique Arts

Input Damage Guard Cancel
UNI C.gif>UNI C.gif Crouch/Stand SP/CS
Seth-5cc.png Follow-up input. Wide slash that is the same as his Dash C. However, it has some notable frame disadvantage if not cancelled properly, which makes this risky to just haphazardly toss out.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
3.gifUNI B.gif 500 Crouch/Stand SP/JC/CS
Seth-3b.png Crouches and slashes upwards with a backhand turning slash. Short reach. Has too small of a hitbox to be used as anti-air as it also does not give Seth any head-level invincibility.
However, it has some decent proration to be used as a combo extender, as well as being useful in situations where usage of 3C will either cross-up or whiff.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
3.gifUNI C.gif 810 Crouch/Stand SP/JC/CS
Seth-3c.png Slashes upward in a hooking uppercut. A move to launch the opponent airborne. Works an anti-air, but is mainly used as combo filler. Use "Confusion" to follow into the air upon hitting for a traditional ground-to-air combo. Unlike his 3B however, the move is a bit more laggy on hit or block.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
6.gifUNI C.gif 410 Stand SP/CS
Seth-6c.png Turning forward heel drop kick that can go over most low attacks. Hits overhead and is one of Seth's mixup tools. Can be followed into midair movements for some gimmicks, or can be used as a slam-down combo extender. Fairly safe on block, but has notable startup which makes it a risky pressure tool.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
j. 2.gifUNI C.gif 427 Crouch/Stand SP/CS
Seth-j2c.png Dive kick. Easily to follow-up whether it hits or is blocked, as Seth will bounce off either way to avoid punishment. Can be used as a slight cross-up if positioned right. Uses the same animation as his j.A.
Upon bouncing off, any aerial actions can be performed, including another j.2C.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
j. 6.gifUNI C.gif 410 Stand SP/CS
Seth-j6c.png Aerial version of 6C. Slams an aerial opponent to the ground and is normally a knockdown finisher during combos mainly for that purpose.
Input English Name Japanese Name Damage Guard Cancel
j. 2.gif2.gif / 2.gifUNI A.gif+UNI B.gif Rapid Descent
Seth-j22.png Fast falls directly below him. This and the midair backstep can both be used once while you're in air. Can be used during an air combo to reach the ground quickly to re-juggle the opponent or to bait the opponent, though it has some notable landing recovery that cannot be cancelled in any way.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
j. 2.gif2.gif / 2.gifUNI A.gif+UNI B.gif>6.gif6.gifUNI A.gif/UNI B.gif/UNI C.gif
New move in Exe: Late[st], where Seth upon landing from his fast fall, dashes forward past his target and performs a high-standing kick that launches right from behind them (used during his Infinite Worth).

Jump cancel-able on hit, and special/super cancel-able on both hit and/or block. Has increased maximum tracking distance when in Vorpal state. Can also be used during combos as an extender if one's execution is solid enough.

However, if predicted well enough, this move can easily be ducked under which will cause it to whiff very easily, allowing Seth to be punished.
Input English Name Japanese Name Damage Guard Cancel
j. 4.gif4.gif / 4.gifUNI A.gif+UNI B.gif Air Backdash
(Midair Backstep)
Seth-j44.png Seth's unique midair backstep that merely works as a backward Assault. Continue with Segment or B Confusion. Unlike the typical Assault on ground or midair, it does not cost any GRD.

Special Moves/Sure-Killing Arts

Input English Name Japanese Name Damage Guard Cancel
2.gif3.gif6.gif UNI A.gif/UNI B.gif/UNI EX.png Captive Segment
(Segment of Stitch Binding)
縫縛のセグメント Crouch/Stand/Air
Seth-segment.png Fires a ball of darkness from his leading hand which stays in place for some time before it launches a piercing projectile. The projectile can be destroyed by attacks before it flies forward, making this a more calculated lockdown tool as opposed to a more traditional projectile.
When hit by the projectile, the opponent will drop down to the ground.
Input English Name Japanese Name Damage Guard Cancel
6.gif2.gif3.gif UNI A.gif/UNI B.gif/UNI EX.png Dual Piercing Vengeance
(Vengeance of Twin Hooks)
双鈎のヴェンジェンス Crouch/Stand/Air (EX)/(CS)
Seth-vengeance.png A dash attack in which Seth rushes forward quickly while slashing the opponent, then rush-slashes them again via inward cross slashes to return to his position beforehand. EX version makes him rush past multiple times.
Input English Name Japanese Name Damage Guard Cancel
2.gif1.gif4.gifUNI A.gif/UNI B.gif/UNI C.gif Vanishing Doubt
(Confusion of Vanishing)
Seth-confusion.png A teleport ability where Seth fades away while running before reappearing again. Depending on the button pressed, Seth will appear either above, or right behind the opponent.

Can be followed up with different inputs mid-run (either pressed or held; the latter will allow for the respective followup to be performed ASAP):
  • A: Causes Seth to warp past his opponent with a dark flash, and counts as a counter/reversal. If triggered by an attack, Seth with latch on behind his foe with the A version of Convict of Sinful Blame. Can hold left or right to change to the respective direction for the teleport.
  • B: Same as before, but instead warps at a diagonal angle above past his opponent. Not a counterattack, and instead is more of an anti-air since it acts as a direct attack (and is normally used during knockdown combos). Can hold left or right to change to the respective direction for the teleport. Seth while airborne cannot perform any midair actions, but can instead follow up with any midair special moves.
  • C: Same as the A version, only it automatically has Seth perform a version of one of his Vengeance of Twin Hooks to strike his foe from behind, inflicting a pseudo-crumpling hit effect akin to his Segment of Stitch Binding. Can hold left or right to change to the respective direction for the teleport, and if timed right during certain moves, the initial teleport before the dashing strike can have its hitbox connect to make use of it as a combo extender.
  • 8A/B/C: New followup in Exe:Late[st]. Seth warps above his opponent to deliver a dropping heel slam from behind that knocks down via a minor ground bounce. Hits overhead and can be cancelled into other specials, but is unsafe on block.
    • All versions during the initial warp possess no hitboxes that damage the opponent in neutral state, but they will only be active they opponent is in hitstun (which allows each of the teleports if used properly, to act as combo extenders).
Input English Name Japanese Name Damage Guard Cancel
j. 2.gif1.gif4.gifUNI A.gif/UNI B.gif/UNI EX.png Penetrate
(Penetrate of Drill Passing)
穿通のペネトレイト Crouch/Stand/Air CS
Seth-penetrate.png A quick dive attack. The A and EX versions will cause Seth to slash the opponent while rising into the air; the latter version slashes with another attack from behind while in midair, and counts as a throw that can be cancelled via Chain Shift on hit.

Can be Tiger Knee'd close to the ground via 2147A/B/C which prevents Confusion of Vanishing from being performed, but only the A and EX versions' hitboxes will come out at close range; EX version will not activate the throw animation in this case.

B version when utilized properly during certain blockstrings, can easily lead to free unblockable setups if the opponent does not watch out for it. However, it still as its startup and it must be performed at an optimal height without it failing to have the hitbox come out.
Input English Name Japanese Name Damage Guard Cancel
6.gif3.gif2.gif1.gif4.gif6.gif UNI A.gif/UNI B.gif/UNI EX.png Convict
(Convict of Sinful Blame)
罪咎のコンビクト CS
Seth-convict.png A command throw; Seth latches onto the opponent and cuts their throat before leaping off of them.

A version can only grab grounded opponents and forces them into crumple. B version can only grab airborne opponents (also applies to comboing into it from a knockdown) and launches them. EX version instead inflicts normal hitstun with the chance to combo right into any aerial action (save for j.A) while landing.

A version can only be chained into Chain Shift on hit.

Infinite Worth

Input English Name Japanese Name Damage Guard Cancel
4.gif1.gif2.gif3.gif6.gif UNI D.gif Chained Nefarity
(Nefarious of Linked Chains)
連鎖のネファリウス Crouch/Stand
Seth-iw.png Seth rushes forward and slashes the opponent multiple times, then launches them into the air with a high-standing kick. He then shreds them as they are airborne, finishing with both him and a shadow doppelganger of himself cross-slashing his foe with the A version of Penetrate of Drill Passing.

Infinite Worth EXS

Input English Name Japanese Name Damage Guard Cancel
UNI A.gif+UNI B.gif+UNI C.gif+UNI D.gif Distant Frontier
(Distant of Boundary)
境界のディスタント 3690
Seth-iwe.png Usable only when your own health is under 30 %

Starts with a purple pillar of light. If it hits, a special animation will be shown and around 3500 damage is dealt. Use of the move will GRD Break, except if the user is in a Vorpal state before using it. If used within a combo, damage of the move is greatly reduced.

Animation - Seth jumps to the wall behind him and quickly rushes through his opponent, repeatedly slashing and slicing them, before finishing with a Zantetsuken-style final blow that causes a small dark shredding explosion.



  • 5A>5B>5CC>214B>Hold B>j.214C
  • 5B>2B>5CC>214C>Hold C>6C>Dash C>41236D
  • Dash C>623B>j.A>j.B>j.C>j.214A>214B>Hold B>j.214C


5A Starter

  • 5A>j.A>j.C>JB>3C>214B>Hold B and 4>22>j.A>j.C>j.B>j.214A>214B
  • 5A>5B>2B>5C>214C>Hold C>6C>j.236B>j.214A>214B>Hold B and 4>22>2C(1)>623A>j.6C>236B

2A Starter

  • 2A>2A>5B>5C (1HIT)>214C>Hold C>DashC>623B>j.C>j.B>j.214A>214B>B>j.236B
  • 2A>5C>214C>6C>j.236B>j.214A>214B>22>DashC>6C
  • 2A>2B>2C(1)>5C>j.A>j.B>j.C>5B>214B>Hold B and 4>22>5B>3C>214B>Hold B and 4>236A
  • 2A>5B>2B>5C>214C>Hold C>DashC>623B>j.C>j.B>214A>214B>Hold B and 4>22

5B Starter

  • 5B>2B>5C>214C>Hold C>6C>j.236B>214A>214B>Hold B and 4>2C(1)>623A>j.6C>j.236B
  • 5B>2B>5CC>214C>Hold C>6C>j.236B>j.214A>214B>Hold B>(Back Dash)>j.C>j.2C>j.236A>j.214A>623A>(623C) or (214C) or (214A>Hold A) or (Something else...)
  • 5B>5C>5C>214C>236C>CS>6C>j.236B>j.214A>623B>VO>214B>22>632146C>j.214A>41236D

2B Starter

  • 2B>5B>5C>5C>214C>6C>j.236B>j.214A>214B>22>DashC>6C
  • 2B>5B>5C>5C>214C>6C>j.236B>j.214A>214B>Hold B and 4>44>j.214A>6C

3B Starter

  • 3B>j.B>j.C>2C>214C>6C>j.236B>j.214A>214B>22>DashC>6C

5C Starter

  • 5C>2C (2HIT)>623A>5B>623B>214AC>6C>j.236B>j.214A>214B>22>DashC>6C
  • 5C>623B>DashC>623A>2C>214C>6C>j.236B>j.214A>214B>22>623A>6C
  • 5C>3C>Delay 623A>5B>Delay 623A>5B>214B>Hold B and 4>214C

2C Starter

  • 2C (2HIT)>623A>5B>623B>214A>C>6C>j.236B>j.214A>214B>22>DashC>6C

3C Starter

  • 3C>2A (Whiff)>5B>623B>623A>2C>214C>6C>j.236B>j.214A>236B>22>DashC>6C

Dash C Starter

  • DashC>5B>623B>214AC>6C>j.236B>j.214A>214B4>44>j.214A>6C
  • DashC>623B>623A>2C>214C>6C>j.236B>j.214A>214B>22>DashC>6C

j.C Starter

  • Assault j.C>2B>2C>623B>236C>CS>214AC4>VO>214B>Hold B and 4>22>632146C>j.214A>41236D

"Segment of Stitch Binding" Starter

  • 236A>2C>214C>6C>j.236B>j.214A>214B4>22>2C (2HIT)>6C
  • 236A>2C(1)>214C>Hold C>j.6C>j.236B>j.214A>214B>Hold B and 4>22>2C>6C>j.236B
  • j.236B>214C>6C>j.236B>j.214A>214B4>22>5B>j.B>j.6C
  • (Veil Off active)j.236A>j.214C>6C>j.236B>j.214A>214C>623C>CS>623A>41236D

"Vengeance of Twin Hooks" Starter

  • 623A>CS>2B>5B>j.B>j.C>2C>214C>6C>j.236B>j.214A>214B>22>DashC>6C
  • 623B>DashC>623A>5C>214AC>j.6C>j.236B>j.214A>214B>22>623A>6C
  • 623C>CS>DashC>623B>214C>6C>j.236B>j.214A>214B>Hold B and 4>44>j.214A>6C
  • 623C>CS>j.236B>j.214A>214C>Hold C and 4>VO>214B>22>632146C>j.214A>41236D

"Penetrate of Piercing" Starter

  • j.236B>214C>6C>j.236B>j.214A>214B4>22>5B>j.B>j.6C
  • j.214A>214B>22>2C>214C>6C>j.236B>j.214A>623B>DashC>6C
  • j.214A>623A>2B>214AC>6C>j.236B>j.214A>214B>22>DashC>6C
  • j.214A>5B>623B>214AC>6C>j.236B>j.214A>214B>22>DashC>6C
  • j.214B>CS>Assault j.A>j.C>2C>214C>6C>j.236B>j.214A>214B>22>DashC>6C
  • j.214C>CS>j.6C>j.214A>214C>j.6C>j.236B>j.214A>214B>Hold B and 4>44>j.214A>6C
  • j.214B>CS>Assault j.A>j.B>2C(1)>214C>Hold C>6C>j.236B>j.214A>214B>Hold B and 4>2C>6C>j.236B

"Convict of Sinful Blame" Starter

  • 632146A>CS>DashC>623B>214C>6C>j.236B>j.214A>214B>Hold B and 4>44>j.214A>6C
  • 632146A>CS>j.236A>j.214A>623B>VO>214B>Hold B and 4>22>632146C>j.214A>41236D
  • 632146A>CS>22>214C>Hold C and 6>j.236B>j.214A>214B>Hold B and 4>2C(1)>623A>6C>j.236B
  • 632146C>j.214A>5B>623B>214A>Hold C>6C>j.236B>j.214A>214B>22>DashC>6C
  • 632146C>j.214A>214C>Hold C>j.6C>j.236B>j.214A>214B>Hold B and 4>2C>6C>j.236B


2A Starter

  • 2A>2A>2B>5C>214C>j.A>j.C>j.B>j.214A>214B

5A Starter

  • 5A>5A>5A>5A>214C>6C>j.236B>j.214A>214B>22>623A>6C
  • 5A>5A>5A>5A>214C>6C>j.236B>j.214A>623B>623A>6C
  • 5A>3C>214B>Hold B and 4>j.A>j.C>j.B>j.214A>214B
  • 5A>j.A>j.C>j.B>2C>214C>j.6C>j.236B>j.214A>214B>>Hold B and 4>44>j.214A>6C

5C Starter

  • 5C>3C>623B>623A>2C>214C>6C>j.236B>j.214A>214B>22>623A>6C

"Vengeance of Twin Hooks" Starter

  • 623C>CS>236A>2C>623B>VO>5B>214B4>22>632146C>j.214A>41236D

"Penetrate of Piercing" Starter

  • j.214A>214B>Hold B and 4>22>2C>214C>6C>j.236B>j.214A>623B>623A>6C
  • j.214B>CS>j.6C>2C>214C>6C>j.236B>j.214A>214B>Hold B and 4>44>j.214A>6C

"Convict of Sinful Blame" Starter

  • 632146A>CS>j.2C (Whiff)>214C>6C>j.236B>j.214A>214B>Hold B and 4>44>j.214A>6C

Notable Players


1. Shadow Approaches 2. Light is Refuse 3. Rain Murder 4. Coin and Balance 5. The Edge of Poison
Seth1.gif Seth2.gif Seth3.gif Seth4.gif Seth5.gif
6. Light in Darkness 7. Ashes Incinerator 8. Clothed in Fire 9. Natural Tree 10. Nightcap Wine
Seth6.gif Seth7.gif Seth8.gif Seth9.gif Seth10.gif
11. Coral Comet 12. Glorious Brown 13. Cosmos Black 14. Pulito Foschia 15. Cerisier
Seth11.gif Seth12.gif Seth13.gif Seth14.gif Seth15.gif
16. Ombra Abisso 17. Luna Mezzanotte 18. Mountain July 19. Sunrise Yellow 20. Hawk Sign
Seth16.gif Seth17.gif Seth18.gif Seth19.gif Seth20.gif
21. Slight Haze 22. Desert Rose 23. Lunatic Clown 24. Crimson Meteor 25. Migratory Locust
Seth21.gif Seth22.gif Seth23.gif Seth24.gif Seth25.gif
26. Monochrome Mirage 27. Spring Blizzard 28. Ruby Ball 29. Deep Forest Venerer 30. Banded Krait
Seth26.gif Seth27.gif Seth28.gif Seth29.gif Seth30.gif

Move Sets