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Kuon's menacing aura

The Reborn Ones, Re-Birth (再誕者(「リヴァース」)) are people with powers that transcend those of normal In-Births.


Re-Births are supreme ability wielders to In-Births in all aspects. They can cause devastating damage that rivals even natural disasters[1].

During the transformation, a Re-Birth's Vessel turns into the same dark and indestructible one that the Voids have. However, a Re-Birth has managed to keep it in the shape of a human body and this way effectively becoming truly immortal.

Merkava attempted to become a Re-Birth, but failed to maintain his human form and transformed into a Void instead. Hilda also appears to be attempting to become one, but various characters imply that she might've misunderstood the process.

The Indulgence of Insulation is currently the only thing known to be capable of harming them because it directly attacks their EXS.


In order to become a Re-Birth, a person must fulfill various conditions and then go through a "special event"[1]. This is event will cause the subjects death, and afterwards they will be resurrected with stronger powers. It is highly suggested that for this event, one must intervene with the Abyss.

According to Hilda's plans, apparently one has to gather huge amounts of EXS to go through the transformation. Kuon explains that the transformation into a Re-Birth is literally a "rebirth". Their previous self perishes and an "Inverse" self takes over the control of the body that obtains the immortality.

Known Members

It's confirmed that currently there are six Re-Births in the world[2]. The article about them mentions that "several of these belong to the Night Blade". However, only two of these are known:

Image Name Alias Alliance Note(s)
Kuon "The Weaver of Eternity"
The Aion
Night Blade
Adelheid "Supremacy Princess" Licht Kreis


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