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Health: 10701 (Originally 9500)
Play-style: Offensive, Rushdown
Dash Type: Run

Nanase is a solid offensive character with many approaches to offense, which rewards her with solid frame advantage on several of her attacks. This provides her with a decent lockdown game from anywhere tying into a decent mix-up game with her highs and lows.

Also adding to her pressure and frame advantage power is her Force Function, which gives her a notable amount of aerial mobility and jump cancel options. Overall, her offense is quite strong and overwhelming.

However, her weaknesses lie in foregoing a decent neutral game due to her somewhat small normals as well as some very unsafe mix-up options on block and/or whiff which leave her relying on some resources to make them safe. She's often considered to be high-risk and high-reward in that aspect, often needing to have proper management when she's outside of her comfort zone of pressuring her opponent(s).

Move List

Normal Moves

Input Damage Guard Cancel
UNI A.gif 190 Crouch/Stand
Nan-5c.png An overhead two-handed sword slash. Does not hit overhead, and must be used with caution since it lacks vertical range.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
2.gifUNI A.gif 140 Crouch/Stand
Nan-2a.png A crouching hilt jab. Can be rapid-fired. Despite its appearance, it does not hit low, but is arguably her fastest poke to mash out of rough situations during pressure.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
UNI B.gif 390 Crouch/Stand
Nan-5b.png Summons a gust of wind in front of her from her leading palm. Her all-purpose standing poke.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
2.gifUNI B.gif 440 Crouch
Nan-2b.png A wide outward one-handed low slash. Has solid range that can make for a safe poke if spaced correctly.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
Dash UNI B.gif 444 Crouch
150px Nanase leaps a bit into air and then spins around a bit vertically to the side with her sword out (via a sliding kick-pose), and slams it into the ground. Hits low.
Used in tandem with her Dash C for some very ambiguous mix-ups.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
UNI C.gif 580 Crouch/Stand
Nan-5a.png Two-handed turning slash around her in front. Covers some solid range, albeit only horizontal with a very thin vertical hitbox. Moves Nanase forward a bit, which can be utilized in combos to keep on the opponent with.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
2.gifUNI C.gif 560 Crouch
Nan-2c.png A wide one-handed sword sweep, which is a standard sweep knockdown tool.

However, compared to other sweeps, it's often a very disadvantageous move on block/whiff. Passing Linking into a 2A makes it only -1 instead.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
Dash UNI C.gif 666 Stand
150px Looks identical to her Dash B acts as an overhead, where Nanase after twirling swings her sword downward with one-hand upon landing. Used in conjunction with her Dash B for ambiguous mix-ups.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
j. UNI A.gif 130 Stand
150px Does a quick but small jab-like chop with her bare hand whilst cowering a bit. Decent air-to-air, with a hitbox that reaches lower than one can see.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
j. UNI B.gif 380 Stand
Nan-jb.png A two-handed swing a bit downward that turns her body around a bit. Can have the ability to hit behind her somewhat more than her j.C.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
j. (UNI C.gif) (Hold to charge) 520/720 Charged Stand
Nan-jc.png A one-handed downward wide outward slash. Charged version keeps Nanase floating in the air for a moment.


Input Damage Guard Cancel
UNI A.gif+UNI D.gif 1520
Nan-throw.png Nanase grabs the opponent with her hands and then swings them around as she grips them. Briefly afterwards she creates a gust of wind to blow them away as she releases them.

If the midair B Version of Let the Fleur Carry your Feelings happens to pass by during the throw's animation, it will happen to hit.

Force Function

Input English Name Japanese Name Damage Guard Cancel
UNI B.gif+UNI C.gif
Air OK
Liberté of the Gentle Breeze そよかぜのリベルテ None
Nan-ff.png Nanase uses wind to perform a high jump. Can be cancelled into aerial specials at any point.

Variation of the move can be performed in the air. Variation can't be used if you have jumped into air using the ground version of the Force Function. However, in combos the GRD cost makes it not worth using during so, but on the flipside it's very solid for applying jump cancel-type pressure.

Command Normals

Input Damage Guard Cancel
3.gifUNI C.gif 570 Crouch/Stand
150px Nanase performs a quick handstand kicking the opponent with both feet. Launches the opponent, making it her go-to punisher to start combos with.

However, the hitbox is around her socks, thus it gives it some rather poor vertical range. Has some high-level invincibility just when the hitbox comes out.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
j. UNI B.gif>UNI B.gif 410 Stand
Nan-jbb.png A follow up to j.UNI B.gif where Nanase slashes outward in a clearing slash at a more horizontal angle. Can only be used if j.UNI B.gif hits or is blocked.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
j. 2.gifUNI C.gif 520 Stand
Nan-j2c.png Nanase performs a forward somersault with her sword out. Causes a hard knockdown on airborne opponents allowing for a follow up, or to setup some okizeme with her Let the Fleur Carry your Feelings.
Input Damage Guard Cancel
j. 8.gifUNI C.gif 650 Stand
150px An upward arcing sword swing that lifts Nanase in the air a bit. A very powerful vertical air attack that allows her to beat air-to-air, but is very unsafe if whiffed.

Special Moves

Input English Name Japanese Name Damage Guard Cancel
2.gif3.gif6.gif UNI A.gif/UNI B.gif/UNI EX.png Chasing the Rêvé レーヴを追いかけて 750/1816 (EX) Crouch/Stand
Nan-reve.png Nanase sprints forward with her sword scraping the ground with it covered in wind, and aims at the opponent's feet. It's not actually a low, despite it's appearance, but it does sweep. The UNI A.gif version carries her about half a screen, while the UNI B.gif version covers just shy of full screen. UNI EX.png has the same travel distance as UNI B.gif, but has a slightly larger hitbox and also launches on hit.
Input English Name Japanese Name Damage Guard Cancel
6.gifUNI A.gif (during Chasing the Rêvé) Auréole of the Starry Sky 星空のオウレオール 860 Crouch/Stand
Nan-aureole.png Follow-up to Chasing the Rêvé. Stabs the opponent with her sword as she files forward with a one-handed leaning stab. Causes wallbounce when hitting an aerial opponent, or crumples if they're grounded. Side swaps if done very close to a grounded opponent and Chasing the Rêvé doesn't hit.

Nanase's to-go-to damage starter, but it often is hampered by its notable startup.
Input English Name Japanese Name Damage Guard Cancel
6.gifUNI B.gif (during Chasing the Rêvé) La Halte Once in a While たまにはラ・アルト 730 Stand
Nan-alto.png Follow-up to Chasing the Rêvé. Nanase hops up before performing a two-handed overhead slam with her sword. Very unsafe overhead on block, which often requires the prior Chasing the Rêvé to whiff first for safety. Otherwise, Nanase would most likely have to blow a resource just to make it safe if blocked.
Input English Name Japanese Name Damage Guard Cancel
6.gifUNI C.gif (during Chasing the Rêvé) Avancer Together with You 君とのアヴァンセ 1323
Nan-avance.png Follow-up to Chasing the Rêvé. Dashes low through the opponent with sword tucked aside herself to launch them with a tornado. Switches sides and can start air combos. Does no damage if Chasing the Rêvé doesn't hit, and on block it has notable recovery that allows Nanase to get punished.
Input English Name Japanese Name Damage Guard Cancel
2.gif1.gif4.gifUNI A.gif/UNI B.gif/UNI EX.png
Air OK
Ange's Invitation アンジュの誘い 1355/1670 (EX) Crouch/Stand/Air
Nan-ange.png Does a lifting wide-outward single-handed jumping slash to cause a tornado to appear in front of her. Nanase's main anti-air special. The UNI A.gif version has the tornado lean in Nanase's direction as she floats back to there she hopped from, while the UNI B.gif version leans toward the opponent with the ability to have the followups cross-up if they are delayed.

The UNI EX.png version is completely vertical and travels a short distance forward along with Nanase and can be followed up on with proper spacing.
Input English Name Japanese Name Damage Guard Cancel
UNI A.gif/UNI B.gif/UNI C.gif (during Ange's Invitation) Conveying my Vrai Coeur ヴィレ・クールを伝えたい 800 Stand
Nan-coeur.png Follow-up where Nanase dives back to the ground in wind via a two-handed sword diving stab. Can be inputted at anytime Nanase is still in the air, and when done so from the B version of Ange's Invitation, it will act as a true cross-up.

Hits overhead. B version travels a bit further with more startup, while the C version travels the furthers with the most startup.
Input English Name Japanese Name Damage Guard Cancel
6.gif2.gif3.gif(UNI A.gif/UNI B.gif/UNI EX.png) (Tap rapidly) Plumage Dancing in the Wind 風に舞うプルマージュ 1131 (A)/1359 (B)/1670 (EX)/2216 (Max damage EX) Crouch/Stand
Nan-plumage.png Nanase wraps herself into a tornado and rises straight up in a spin. The UNI EX.png version normally deals 8 hits, but with button mashes, can deal up to 16 hits.
The A version is a very unsafe move that is barely worth using due to lack of horizontal range and invincibility, though the B version allows for some combo potential on hit. However, both versions as well as the EX version are very punishable if whiffed.
Input English Name Japanese Name Damage Guard Cancel
j. 2.gif3.gif6.gifUNI A.gifUNI B.gifUNI EX.png Let the Fleur Carry your Feelings フルールに思いを乗せて 750/1122 (EX) Crouch/Stand/Air
Nan-fleur.png Nanase's only projectile where she slashes out a whirlwind that flies at a specific trajectory. The UNI A.gif version whips up a whirlwind that travels about half a screen in a slight downward angle. In the UNI B.gif version, the whirlwind drops straight down to the floor slightly in front of Nanase, where it will spin in place for a moment before it travels along the ground toward the opponent.

A very good oki tool. The UNI EX.png version sends out three whirlwinds in rapid succession that travel in a downward angle. At about 1/4 of a screen away from your opponent or closer, all three whirlwinds will hit. At about 1/2 screen two will hit, and at just about full screen only one will hit.

Infinite Worth

Input English Name Japanese Name Damage Guard Cancel
4.gif1.gif2.gif3.gif6.gif UNI D.gif Atmosphère of the Aether 天空のアトモスフィア 3440 Crouch/Stand
Nan-iw.png Causes her sword to glow turquoise and attempts a two-handed uppercut lift slash, which will create a brief storm if it connects. The opponent is lifted and while they are so, Nanase will gather wind on her free palm and somersault to the opponent to thrust the wind ball into them, causing the opponent to fall back on the ground and Nanase to land back.

Combos into the B version of Chasing the Rêvé at midscreen on everyone except for Linne, and the initial blow is air-unblockable.

Infinite Worth EXS

Input English Name Japanese Name Damage Guard Cancel
UNI A.gif+UNI B.gif+UNI C.gif+UNI D.gif Lumière of the Dawn 夜明けのリュミエール 3650
Nan-iwe.png Usable only when your own health is under 30 %

Starts with a purple pillar of light. If it hits, a special animation will be shown and around 3500 damage is dealt. Use of the move will cause GRD Break, except if the user is in a Vorpal state before using it. If used within a combo, damage of the move is greatly reduced.


  • A majority of Nanase's moves are written in a combination of Japanese and French:
    • Liberté of the Gentle Breeze = Liberty of the Gentle Breeze
    • Chasing the Rêvé = Chasing the Dreamed
    • Auréole of the Starry Sky = Aureole/Halo of the Starry Sky
    • La Halte Once in a While = The Stop Once in a While
    • Avancer Together with You = Advance Together with You
    • Ange's Invitation = Angel's Invitation
    • Conveying my Vrai Coeur = Conveying my True Heart
    • Plumage Dancing in the Wind = Feathers Dancing in the Wind
    • Let the Fleur Carry your Feelings = Let the Flower Carry your Feelings
    • Atmosphère of the Aether = Atmosphere/Amibence of the Aether
    • Lumière of the Dawn = Light of the Dawn


1. Moulin à Vent 2. Altar of Iris 3. Blitz Flugel 4. Averse Ciel 5. Katze Madchen
Nan1.png Nan2.png Nan3.png Nan4.png Nan5.png
6. Nature Gale 7. Deesse Luna 8. Sol Envidia 9. Glicina Botom 10. Mars Soir
Nan6.png Nan7.png Nan8.png Nan9.png Nan10.png
11. Freeze Night 12. Thin Vermilion 13. Vert Clair de Lune 14. Glamorous Aura 15. Notre Dame
Nan11.png Nan12.png Nan13.png Nan14.png Nan15.png
16. Apricot Tea 17. Stille Vulcan 18. Briny Air 19. Winter Nacht 20. Otaria Bianco
Nan16.png Nan17.png Nan18.png Nan19.png Nan20.png
21. Juillet Peche 22. La Lac Des Fees 23. Insulator Girl 24. Grizzled Doe 25. Stratosphere
Nan21.gif Nan22.gif Nan23.gif Nan24.gif Nan25.gif
26. Ginkgo biloba 27. Chitose Green 28. Luft Minze 29. Depletion Garden 30. Mystique Senior
Nan26.gif Nan27.gif Nan28.gif Nan29.gif Nan30.gif

Move Sets