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Londrekia Light


Londrekia Light (ロンドレキア・ライト)




January 23rd


180 cm (5'11")


66 kg (146 lbs)





Ritter Schild


The White Knight (白騎士(ホワイトナイト))

Battle Style


The EXS of Iceflowers: Dare Glacial



Voice Acting

Japanese Voice:

Soma Saito

"Everything shall be guided into the untainted ice coffin. The fiercely burning red flames are no exception."[1]

Londrekia Light[2] (ロンドレキア・ライト) is a member of Ritter Schild who was sent to Japan to investigate the rumors of a strong Void, as well as to hopefully put an end to the conflict between Ritter Schild and Licht Kreis.

Londrekia made his first appearance in the Chronicle Mode of Exe:Late[st], and made his playable debut in UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe:Late[cl-r] as both a new character in the update, as well as the series' first paid downloadable content character.


"Frozen Fang of Eternity" - he who freezes all

A young man who belongs to Ritter Schild, a support organization which works under the Licht Kreis. Long ago, after being betrayed by a "certain man" working for the Licht Kreis, the male members position in the organization weakened and they were driven into a corner.

In order to clear this long-standing, distorted relationship the Ritter Schild carefully trained their most outstanding member as a secret weapon and rival to Wagner, the strongest in Licht Kreis. He seems hostile to Licht Kreis but holds the same ideals as them. The young man wishes to prevent the tragedies caused by the manifestation.


Londrekia is a high ranking member of Ritter Schild, a branch organization of Licht Kreis. His battle prowess is highly valued and it's said he could even defeat the Crimson Knight.


Londrekia is a slim, youthful-looking man with icy blue hair and eyes. A single strand of white

Londrekia's normal attire.

hair sticks out from the top of his head.

Londrekia wears a predominantly white and grey uniform, which consists of a capelet with grey lining and gold trimmings and a large, folded collar, with straps held in place by gold-colored buttons, a knee-length coat with a grey strap located at the back, a waistcoat with the same grey lining and gold trimming, a white shirt underneath, and a navy blue cravat adorned with a golden brooch engraved with the Ritter Schild insignia. Londrekia also wears a pair of white trousers, which are held in place by a large, brown belt with a gold buckle, and also a smaller, dark grey belt, which loosely hangs around his waist. He also wears a pair of grey, thigh high boots with gold trimmings along the flaps and white soles.


A composed and level-headed man, Londrekia carries out his orders with a strong sense of justice and responsibility. Although he regularly questions the decisions of his superiors, his faith and devotion to Ritter Schild is unwavering.

Londrekia also enjoys testing the capabilities of his powers and prefers to solve whatever problems arise himself. When it comes to topics that he has no interest in, Londrekia acts aloof and uncaring, but if something or someone catches his attention, he will immediately gain an interest, often not taking personal space into consideration.

Londrekia takes a great amount of pride in his abilities as well as his status as one of Ritter Schild's finest, however, he also refuses to attack anyone who shows no intention of fighting and always treats his opponent with a great amount of respect. However, when he is caught off guard, he can react irrationally without a second thought. Londrekia is also very sympathetic, and will go as far as risking his reputation in order to help Merkava.

Due to his life within Ritter Schild, an all-male organization, Londrekia has not had much social interaction with females, which makes him come off as slightly awkward during conversation. His status as a member of Ritter Schild has affected him to the point that a woman showing him respect leaves him bewildered, due to him being used to being antagonized by the all-female Licht Kreis. Despite this, Londrekia wishes that the two organizations will put their feud behind them, and is willing to fight against Erika Wagner if it means proving Ritter Schild's worth.


Episode: The Beast and The Hunter (『獣』と『狩人』)
Sometime during the summer, Londrekia is sent to investigate the mountains away from the city of Kanzakai, with the objective of investigating rumors of a large, humanoid-esque Void and exterminating it. After a particularly tiring trip up the mountain path due to him hauling his luggage, and scouring the area, he meets the Void known as Merkava. Though Londrekia is tasked with dispatching the creature, he eventually relents once it becomes clear that Merkava does not want to fight and instead wants to converse. Intrigued by the idea of a Void capable of communication, Londrekia begins asking Merkava a series of questions, but not before offering a brief "truce", stating that he will not hesitate to strike should Merkava attack, to which the Void complies. While conversing with Merkava, Londrekia starts to loosen up knowing that he has no intention of attacking, which eventually ends with Londrekia offering to alter his report to state that Merkava fled the scene, and suggests that the Void relocates should other members of Ritter Schild start investigating further.

As his way of expressing gratitude for alleviating his boredom, Merkava suddenly jumps at Londrekia, only to fly away with his luggage. Londrekia frantically gives chase and winds up back in Kanzakai. Now exhausted, Londrekia gets a phone call from Lex Bartholomeus of Licht Kreis, who states that she is currently in possession of his belongings, and he goes to meet up with her. Londrekia meets up with Lex and regains his luggage. Lex asks how he ended up losing everything, to which Londrekia replies that it was stolen from him by a large bird, though she doesn't seem to buy it. The two of them begin discussing their respective factions and the ongoing feud between them, with Londrekia stating that he believes defeating Erika Wagner could be the key to ending the feud, only to express disappointment when it's revealed that Wagner has been sent back due to getting involved in a previous scuffle. After saying goodbye, Londrekia ponders about his encounter with Merkava, and despite still being considered an enemy, he expresses a desire to save him from what he has become.

Arcade story:
A few months after his encounter with Merkava, Londrekia is sent back to Kanzakai in order to monitor the activities of Erika Wagner and Orie Ballardiae, and analyze their skill in combat, much to his chagrin. While entering the Hollow Night, Londrekia also senses the presence of someone of a far greater power with connections to the Night, and he decides to investigate the large influx of In-Birth activity in the area to determine if there is a possible connection.

After encountering and subduing multiple In-Birth, Londrekia begins searching for info regarding the Hollow Night and Kanzakai, and ends up encountering Phonon and Nanase, whom he decides to question for any possible information. However, Londrekia's social awkwardness regarding women ends up getting the better of him, causing Phonon to accuse him of being a foreign pick-up artist. In the middle of the ensuing hassle, Phonon offers Londrekia the opportunity to question them on the condition that he bests the strongest of the two in combat, to which she volunteers herself. Londrekia complies and swiftly defeats Phonon, most likely interrogating her and Nanase shortly afterwards.

Further on into his travels, Londrekia is suddenly ambushed by Waldstein, who found himself drawn towards the White Knight's manifestation. Though unsure of who Waldstein was at first, Londrekia is immediately shocked when he discovers that the beast before him was the same man who defected from Licht Kreis centuries ago. Londrekia accepts Waldstein's request to fight and promptly defeats the giant.

Londrekia soon arrives at the Sanctum of Reflection, where he encounters both Orie and Wagner. Londrekia explains his reasoning for arriving in Kanzakai and immediately proceeds to challenge Wagner. However, Orie intervenes before the two can square off and, despite the circumstances between the two, offers to fight in Wagner's place. Londrekia trounces Orie, very nearly killing her in the process. With nothing else to interrupt them, Londrekia and Wagner engage in a fierce duel.

Due to Wagner currently not being in possession of the Aegis, Londrekia barely manages to emerge victorious. Enraged at her loss, Wagner gets back up to fight, but Londrekia calls it a draw and walks away wishing for a true fight between the two come the next Hollow Night, leaving the embittered and disgraced Wagner alone in the Sanctum. Londrekia finds someplace quiet to recover from his wounds and reflects on the events that occurred during the Hollow Night and steels himself for what the future holds in store for him, namely his next encounter with Wagner. Finally, Londrekia decides to report back to Ritter Schild and hardens his resolve to bring about a day in which the two feuding organizations can finally be brought together as one, even if it means he will be treading a lonely path.


Londrekia's EXS Ability is the EXS of Iceflowers: Dare Glacial (氷華のEXS「デアグラシアル」), which allows him to freeze the air around him at a molecular level, giving him the

Riddle: Scepter and Deactive

ability to completely freeze his surroundings and even form ice out of thin air. Londrekia can also change the form of this ice and can thaw it at will. This ability also allows Londrekia to manipulate the wind to some degree.

Riddle: Reactor

In battle, Londrekia wields the Holy Staff: Riddle (リドル), a golden staff with a black shaft and pointed end with a glowing blue crystal embedded in the crest. The staff is made using technology of Lex Bartholomeus' design and is specifically made to boost the EXS Abilities of an In-Birth. The staff itself is composed of two main segments: The Scepter and the Reactor. The Scepter is what's predominantly used for melee combat, though it can be sent out to trap enemies, and can even be wielded as a rapier; while the Reactor forms a pair of golden wings and is the central component to empowering an In-Birth's abilities. The Reactor is bounded to an In-Birth, but others are able to possess it through a very specific incantation. When not in use, the two components are merged together with the Reactor acting as part of the crest while the top end of the staff retracts. More units of this staff were intended to be mass produced, however, there is currently only one in existence.

Londrekia's fighting style is very graceful and acrobatic, being very akin to figure skating, with many of his attacks featuring twirls and high leaping kicks. Lex mentions that he is one of Ritter Schild's Anti-Licht Kreis trump cards (対光輪(アンチリヒト)の切り札). Londrekia himself says he is confident about being able to defeat even Wagner as long as he can manage to seal away her Flame Tyrant.

Musical Theme

Title Description
Icefield White Knight Londrekia's theme
Incompatible Relation Londrekia VS Wagner theme
invitation to the ending world Londrekia's ending theme

Introduction Text

He seeks. A beautiful equation that corrects the past and leads to the future.
Wishing for happiness and for putting an end to the tragedies.
He loves. The dawn of glittering diamond dust and the plains of silvery white.
The wizard who freezes all things hopes for a warm spring.

He demands. A beautiful equation to straighten the past and to lead to the future.
The same wish as maidens. For a quiet happiness. For the end to the repeated tragedies.
He loves. The morning when diamond dust glitters. The plains of silvery white.
The magician who freezes all things hopes for warm spring.



Name Command
Unique Attacks
Frozen Slope
→ + B
Unique Attack
↘ + C
Unique Attack
←C > C
Unique Attack
B > B
Unique Attack
Midair ↘ + C
Force Function
Frozen Cleave
Simultaneously B + C
→ Frozen Cleave: Bisect
A or B or C
Special Attacks
Frozen Spire
↓↘→ + A or B or C
*EX Able
Circular Step
↓↙← + A or B or C
→ Circular Step: Outer Edge
A during Circular Step
→ Circular Step: Cross Sequence
B during Circular Step
→ Circular Step: Serpentine Tail
C during Circular Step
→ Circular Step: Hydro Blading
Same button as previous skill
Snow Blossom
↓↓ + A or B or C
*EX Able
Frozen Vine
→↓↘ + C
*Consumes 100% EXS
Infinite Worth (Consumes 200% EXS)
Hail Storm
←↙↓↘→ + D
Infinite Worth EXS (Consumes 200% EXS)
Cocytus Ice Prison
A · B · C · D simultaneously
Usable when below 30% health

Check the details about Londrekia's gameplay from here!


Official Art
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Official Illustrations
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Exe:Late[cl-r] Release Illustration (Blue Background)
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Exe:Late[cl-r] Release Illustration (White Background)
White Day 2020.png
Happy White Day by Seiichi Yoshihara (2020)
Happy Birthday by Seiichi Yoshihara (2021)
Guest Illustrations
By Mayumi Tsuzaki (UNIclr)
Concept Art
Scrap londrekia.png
Concept art from mook
Prototype art from Exe:Late[cl-r] gallery
Prototype art from Exe:Late[cl-r] gallery
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Concept art from Exe:Late[cl-r] gallery
Concept art from Exe:Late[cl-r] gallery
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Creation & Development

Scrap londrekia.png

Londrekia was one of the characters in the original roster before 2011, but how he looked and played was drastically different to how he does now. He was originally a puppet character that fought with a rapier whilst simultaneously controlling a Void and a coffin that was linked to it. However, it was decided that playstyle was too convoluted and there were too many male characters, so they decided to scrap Londrekia and created a female-version of his original design who fought with a rapier, which eventually ended up becoming Orie. The coffin was scrapped, but the Void controlling gameplay was kept, and was eventually used to create Chaos[3].


  • Londrekia's name is a made-up word created from combining various elements[4]
    • As he has a lot of moves where he spins, they wanted to include "rondo" in his name.
    • As wielder of ice, they wanted to include "ki" which comes from Japanese onomatopoeia for ice.
    • The vocal warm-up "Do-re-mi" was used to finish the name so that it "sounds good".
      • Thus leading to "rondo-re-ki-a"
  • Londrekia likes mint-flavored ice cream. He always picks some combination of mint-flavor, such as mint-chocolate[5].
  • In the English localization for Chronicle Mode, Londrekia's surname is incorrectly translated as "Wright". In hisArcade Mode, the surname is correct.
  • Londrekia's Infinite Worth EXS gets its name from one of the five rivers leading into the underworld in Greek mythology. Cocytus is also the name of the final circle of Hell in the Divine Comedy. It is described as being a frozen lake that imprisons those who have been condemned of treachery, with the severity of their crimes determining how far they are buried under the lake, as well as the home of Satan.
  • Londrekia's theme includes alludes to composer Friedrich Chopin's Ballade No. 1.
  • Londrekia did not receive his own dedicated Chronicle Mode story, making him the only playable character that isn't a guest to not have one.


  1. 全ては穢れ無き氷の棺に誘おう。激しく燃え盛る赤炎さえも、ね
  2. Confirmed as the official spelling on French-Bread Twitch broadcast on October 31st 2017
  3. Explained during Ustream broadcast
  4. Name explained during ArcSys UNIclr launch stream
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