Hiroha (ヒロハ)



Voice Actor

Mami Ozaki

Hiroha (ヒロハ) is Yuzuriha's older sister who has already lost her powers as an In-Birth.


Hiroha has a very short hair of the similar purple color as Yuzuriha does. She wears lipstick, has colored her fingernail into light blue and hangs a thin silver necklace around her neck. She wears a shirt of very light purple color that is widely open around the neck area revealing a lot of cleavage.


Hiroha was the previous Protector of Shrine before Yuzuriha took over that duty. Hiroha has practiced the sword-drawing arts passed in their family line, but she had difficulties in growing accustomed to them. As a wielder, Hiroha was quite strong.

Right after she was appointed as the Protector of Shrine, Hiroha got involved in a "major incident" [1]. She was suddenly attacked by a mysterious person and went unconscious without even seeing the culprit. The culprit destroyed her Vessel making Hiroha a "Vessel-less" (器割れ(ヴェセルレス)).

Hiroha has since recovered from her injuries, but her fighting spirit took a severe blow. She completely given up on the idea of returning to the battlefield as an In-Birth. Yuzuriha is still puzzled by what transpired on that Night. She just can't see how could Hiroha possibly have lost without any chance to fight back.



  1. French-Bread Twitch broadcast on January 31st 2018, Kamone refers to incident which cost Hiroha her abilities as a "major incident".
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