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French-Bread Information Station


Twitch broadcast


Jul 19th 2017 ~ Ongoing

French-Bread Information Station (ふらぱん情報局) is a series of the official Twitch broadcasts hosted from the French-Bread office.


The broadcasts are hosted by the battle planner, Serizawa Kamone. The episodes feature breakdown of the UNI lore as well as tournaments hosted by the French-Bread staff.


Episode 1 (July 19th 2017)

Guest: Raito (Composer)

  • Console Version Feature Showcase
    • Showcase featuring basic functions of the new characters Wagner and Enkidu. Explanation of new Tutorial and Mission Modes. They also shortly go over the changes in Training Mode.
  • Event Information (Raffle Event, Autograph Event)
  • In-house Tournament (9 participants, Arata wins)

Episode 2 (July 28th 2017)

Guest: Satocchi (Battle Planner)

  • Console Version Feature Showcase: Sequel
    • Showcase of the new Dummy features in Training Mode. Demonstration of how to practice defense in Training Mode.
  • In-house free matches
  • Event Information (Information about Japanese TV programs featuring Exe:Late[st] upon its console release: Games Maniacs and Game School)

Episode 3 (August 31st 2017)

Guest: Clear-Lamp

  • Whats-and-whys of UNI
    • Official frame data is available on the official site. Kamone goes over a basic explanation about how to read frame data.
  • Enkidu's Birthday Tournament (7 participants, Kamone wins)
  • Information Corner (Wagner and Enkidu are coming to arcades. Location tests will be held soon. ARC REVO 2017 qualifiers are about to start)
  • Mail Corner
How was the voice cast decided?

A: Kamone and staff members give suggestions and decide on someone

How does the network color work? When does it change?
A: RIP is character-specific, but color is universal. Grey means it's still undetermined. Goes from a cold color to a warmer color as the player gets stronger.

Any plans to make Chronicle characters playable?
A: Depends on the player's requests. Enkidu & Wagner were on the top of the previous popularity poll and made into a playable characters.

I'm currently using Phonon, but also interested in Yuzuriha... Tell me their shoe size. I'll pick the one that's closer to mine.
A: Phonon's is 23 cm. Yuzuriha's is 24 cm.

Kamone mentioned Enkidu's real name during EVO. What's the writing for the name?
A: Gaien Enkidou. That's why the announcer spells his name as "EnkiDOO".

Episode 4 (October 6th 2017)

  • Whats-and-whys of UNI
    • Chronicle Character Explanation Part 1: Lex, Silvaria, Londreakia
  • Information Corner (ARC REVO 2017 is closing. A limited time UNIst demo for PS+ is available until the end of December.)
  • Mail Corner
Any good advice on how to get better at this game?

A: Offense is important. Breaking guard, optimal combos, set-ups.

Why isn't there any merchandise of Mika!?
A: No plans at the moment. No idea what people want. Please send us emails on what specific kind of stuff you want.

DIVIDE T-shirt is great. I hope there will be more.
A: It will be available at ARC REVO 2017. Please buy it. Also, a new mousepad will be there.

Episode 5 (October 15th 2017)

Special broadcast. Kamone is raffling the tournament seeding for ARC REVO 2017

Episode 6 (October 31st 2017)

  • Whats-and-whys of UNI
    • Chronicle Character Explanation Part 2: Murayama, Sakurai, Tsurugi, Komatsu
  • Information Corner (ARC REVO 2017 recap)
  • Mail Corner
What are the official spellings of Londrekia's and Orie's last names?

A: "Light" and "Ballardiae".

Is there a connection between the Sacred Shield (Ritter Schild) and the Sacred Knight (Sigurd)?
A: No connection. Sigurd is a manifestation made with Azel's power.

Can you explain the connection between the different types of "Void Red"?
A: It is a common term for very pure EXS. That's how Merkava uses the word.

Episode 7 (November 30th 2017)

  • Whats-and-whys of UNI
    • Chronicle Character Explanation Part 3: Ogre, Zohar, Strix
  • Mail Corner
Wagner's measurements are not written anyehere! Please tell me!


Is it possible to regain your abilities after your Vessel has been broken?
A: Physical damage heals with time. Mental strength affects to the recovery speed. Tsukuyomi needs to make up her mind on how to settle things with Zohar to speed up her recovery.

Strix didn't fight, but has needles and a gun. Can she fight using those? Are those outfits something Ogre just likes?
A: Her abilities are used to boost others. Ogre has made her to take those as self-defense. Yes, Ogre created those outfits because he likes them.

Nanase is very cute. Who thought up those splendid moves of hers?
A: Yoshihara did the basics. Nakahara drew most of Nanase's sprites.

Will there be another illustration contest? I'd love to participate and see other people's drawings.
A: Sometime early next year.

Episode 8 (December 26th 2017)

  • Whats-and-whys of UNI
    • Chronicle Character Explanation Part 4: Roger, Uzuki, Azel
  • Information (New posters will be available on Comic Market 93)
  • End of year tournament (7 participants, Kamone wins)

Episode 9 (January 31st 2018)

  • Whats-and-whys of UNI
    • Chronicle Character Explanation Part 5: Chiharu, Tomomi, Hiroha
  • Mail Corner
Wake-up Reversal Chain Shift is difficult. I'm mashing so hard, but it won't come out.

A: No tricks. Just practice. *Kamone shows in Training Mode how to create a good training set-up*

I liked the Chronicle Mode. I'm looking forward to a sequel that shows Hyde's daily family life with Linne and Vatista.
A: We're grateful for the positive feedback.

Is it true that Linne eats her school lunch? She knows about mathematics?
A: Yes. She really does eat school lunch.

Linne always seems to be wearing spats or hot pants. I'd love to see her wearing more girlish clothes.
A: Her parents have bought those and she has them. Doesn't just really like them. She will eventually have to wear skirt when enters middle-school...

Episode 10 (February 28th 2018)

  • Whats-and-whys of UNI
    • Chronicle Character Explanation Part 6: Byakuya's Sister, Chitose, Kuon
  • Mail Corner
I bet Murayama is a ninja and Sakurai is a samurai. I bet Tsukuyomi uses a log as a weapon.

A: Kind of wrong. This was explained in an earlier episode. Murayama has martial arts and Sakurai uses a bow.

Byakuya's room has also great pictures. Could you sell posters of those pictures to me?
A: Those pictures are from their memories of daily life. Originally, the scenario writer had planner only a few pictures, but then Yoshihara gave an illustration that made Byakuya's sister-complex seem even more extreme.

During gameplay, Orie is yelling the game system names out loud. Do those things exist in the game's setting?
A: Mostly those things exist in the game's setting.

Episode 11 (April 1st 2018)


April Fool's Special. Kamone appears as a virtual Youtuber Lex.

  • Online Free Battle
  • Mail Corner
Where does Mika live while she's in Japan?

A: Mika lives at the Branch Office' dorms in the same room as Orie. Lex lives nearby on her own room.

How are Indulgence Weapons made? How did Vatista's wing end up into Hyde's possession?
A: Indulgence Weapons are weapons without physical existence. Concept-weapons that respond to the users will and gain a form.

You haven't had Q&As on the official site lately. Can you add Chronicle characters into them?
A: We've been having questions here, so there hasn't been a need to hold regular Q&As.

Which type of chocolates does Linne like to snack? Mushroom or Bamboo Shoot?
A: The type doesn't matter. She is a a big glutton.

Episode 12 (April 27th 2018)

  • Mail Corner
Is there a limit where Linne will be reincarnated. Is she in contact with the parents of her body?

A: There is a limit. She can't reincarnate overseas. It also gives Linne some freedom to pick a body from a small selection from bodies with EXS. She has to stay in contact with the body's parents, so that they won't call the police to search her.

I like the night sky in the stages BG. Is there a specialist in the team?
A: It's a two-part process. Artist and 3D workers talk together on how to go on about creating the stages.

Can you reveal the lyrics for Takeki Yamiyo and Kouken no Requiem as they weren't written in Force of Fragment?
A: Lyrics revealed.

Please reveal Zohar's real name, height, weight, birthdya, bloodtype and measurements.
A: Real names are pretty much a secret. 158 cm tall, weight is a "secret", April 21st, A type, 77/52/83

  • Information Corner
    • BBTAG open beta is getting close
    • Illustration contest is starting
    • OVER THE WORLD tournament qualifiers are starting

Episode 13 (May 31st 2018)

"BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle" Release Special
Guest: Mori Toshimichi, Ozawa Riku, Narita Nobuya

  • Information Corner
    • Illustration contest is going on
    • OVER THE WORLD qualifiers going on
    • BBTAG info
  • BBTAG Release Tournament (8 participants, Satocchi wins)

Episode 14 (June 29th 2018)

  • Whats-and-why of UNI
    • Terminology Part 1: Hollow Night, Voids, In-Births
  • Information Corner
    • BBTAG DLC characters
    • OVER THE WORLD qualifiers

Episode 15 (July 31st 2018)

  • Information Corner
  • Illustration Contest results (Link)

Episode 16 (August 30th 2018)

  • Information Corner
    • New DLC characters for BBTAG have been released.
    • UNIst Steam version has now released.
  • In-house BBTAG tournament (8 participants, Satocchi wins)
  • In-house UNIst tournament (8 participants, Kamone wins)

Episode 17 (September 28th 2018)

  • Whats-and-whys of UNI
    • Terminology Part 2: Void Fallen, Re-Birth, Indulgence Weapons & Regular Weapons
  • UNIst 6th Anniversary Free Battles

Episode 18 (October 31st 2018)

  • "Planners VS the Rest" Tournament (Planner Team wins)

Episode 19 (November 3th 2018)

  • Whats-and-whys of UNI
    • Organizations: Night Blade, Amnesia and Licht Kreis
  • Mail Corner
There's this half-naked girl mentioned in Chronicle. What kind of half-nakedness is Yoshihara's preference

A: In-Birth won't be notices by regular people, so many use clothes that they like. Free outdoor looks that are either visually appealing or functional for battles. It's half-naked from Wald's perspective, meaning that pretty much any modern girl could gets the same comment.

Yoshihara's preferences: As long as a certain amount of skin is visible, it qualifies as half-naked. For example, bottom of the neck​, back, waist and thighs are exposed.

It's mentioned that abilities fade with time. Are there any other conditions? Is it possible to regain after losing them once?
A: Taking age without using powers will eventually lead to vanishment of abilities. On the other hand, Wald has lives for years and used constantly his powers, which is why he still has them.

There is no way to regain the EXS abilities after they have naturally vanished. Exist and Void vanish from the In-Birth's body, returning the it to a nearly "human-like" state.

Hyde's parent are working abroad. Where? UNI is similar to modern age. What is the state of outer nations?
A: Parents are going from a country to another. German where Licht Kreis is stationed is one of the regions with increased Hollow Night activity. But as Voids appear invisible to normal people, the increased activity hasn't really raised a lot of attention from regular people. There simply are areas with a lot of mysterious disappearances.

Episode 20 (December 21st 2018)

  • End-of-year in-house Team Tournament
Wagatsuma (VAT) dogma (SET)
Shin'en (GOR) Kamikazeman (AKA)
Satou (MIK) Arakawa (VAT)
Shiratori (SET) Miso (PHO)
Kamone (ENK) Satocchi (WAG)

Red team wins.

Episode 21 (February 1st 2019)

  • Information Corner (BBTAG arcade release revealed)
  • In-house Tournament (Planners VS CG & Programmers)
    • Survival battle.
    • Planners forced to use Random Character.

Planners: Miso, Satochii, Kamone
CG & Programmers: Kamikazeman (AKA), dogma (SET), Shin'en (GOR), Arakawa (PHO), Satou (MIK), Shiratori (SET)

CG&Programmer Team wins.

Episode 22 (February 28th 2019)

  • Whats-and-whys of UNI
    • Abilities and weapons: Hyde & Linne
  • Information Corner
    • BBTAG arcade, UNI chosen for EVO, hiring for French-Bread

Episode 23 (April 1st 2019)

  • In-house Battles (EVO celebration)
    • Satochi (HYD) VS Miso (WAL)
    • Satou (MIK) VS Arakawa (VAT)
    • Danchou (ORI) VS Kamikazeman (AKA)
    • Shin'en-chan (GOR) VS dogma (HIL)
    • Satou (MER) VS dogma (ELT)
    • Satochi (BYA) VS dogma (SET)
    • Miso (CAR) VS dogma (HIL)
    • Kamikazeman (AKA) VS Arakawa (VAT)
    • Shin'en-chan (GOR) VS Danchou (NAN)
    • Miso (ENK) VS Arakawa (LIN)
    • Satochi (WAG) VS Danchou (SET)
    • dogma (SET) VS Kamikazeman (AKA)

Episode 24 (May 10th 2019)

  • Whats-and-whys of UNI
    • Abilities and weapons: Waldstein & Carmine
  • Mail Corner
What kind of person is Joker? He is mentioned to be as powerful as Enkidu and Uzuki, but there is literally no other info.

A: All info about Joker is fake created for a single joke. See ARCADIA magazine No.166 for more info. It's not impossible for him to become playable, but he's definitely not high on the priority list.

Pachelbel is carried in a case during the Chronicle Mode. What does it actually weight?
A: One weights 5kg, a two of them total for 10 kg. Pachelbel can be fold into a smaller form. They fit into a case similar to a kendo equipment.

I got interested in this game thanks to BBTAG. I'd like to play Linne in this game, but my friends keep telling that the game system is so complex that it's not worth the trouble. Could explain what is great about UNI?
A: It is definitely true. Pixel graphics are one of the greatest thing in UNI, not many makers do that anymore. Pixel graphics look great in motion, so please check them out. Musics are also very famous of being great. Well, you can probably experience those in BBTAG, but the character select in UNI is one of the most famous songs and only in UNI. The game is focused on ground combat and has almost no aerial guard. It is greatly valued by diehard fans. GRD system is also special to the game. Check out Chronicle Mode to see Linne going to school and enjoying school meals. That definitely isn't in BBTAG.

Episode 25 (June 28th 2019)

  • In-house Tournament (Planners use random character)
    • Konatsu (ELT) VS Shiratori (SET)
    • Arakawa (PHO) VS dogma (SET)
    • Kamikazeman (AKA) VS Miso (PHO)
    • Shin'en-chan (GOR) VS Satochi (BYA)
    • Arakawa (PHO) VS Konatsu (SET)
    • Miso (CHA) VS Satochi (BYA)
    • Arakawa (PHO) VS Satochi (ORI)
    • Kamone (VAT) VS Satochi (WAG)
  • Kamone wins
  • Free battles
    • Shin'en (GOR) VS Shiratori (SET)
    • Konatsu (BYA) VS Miso (LIN)
    • Kamone (ENK) VS Shiratori (MIK)

Episode 26 (July 26th 2019)

  • Whats-and-whys of UNI
    • Abilities and weapons: Orie & Gordeau
  • Mail Corner
What kind of weapons did Seth use before obtaining the Eliminator?

A: He used to wield a similar kind of short blades. They were daggers specifically made for fighting against the Void.

How is Wagner's full name supposed to be read?
A: It is as it was written in the birthday picture. "Miyashiro Erika Wagner". Wagner doesn't have a 'middle name' so to speak, so this order is the only correct one for her full name.

I love how pretty the pixel graphics in UNI are. How are they made? How long does a one character usually take to make?
A: The process of making the pixel graphics moves in three stages.
Draft → Detailing → Cleaning
Draft is really rough sketch. Detailing takes most of the time to make the sketch actually look like a person. Cleaning adds final details and fixes some missing pixels. The time it takes to create a character differs depending how difficult the character is, like if the character has clothes that have a lot of details.

For example, Orie's clothes are really complex as the Licht Kreis emblem in her clothes move in the wind along with her skirt. Not to mention, she also has those metallic jinglings hanging from her skirt. They need to move along with Orie's actions and there was a huge number of those jinglings. Other artists drew Orie's sprites, and then we had one person to specifically add those jinglings into the finished sprites.

If we try really hard, we can make a character in about half a year. Usually it takes from 7 to 9 months. Some difficult character have taken even a full year.

Episode 27 (August 30th 2019)

  • Mail Corner
What kind of person is Yoshihara-sensei? He almost never makes public appearances and there's barely any info about him.What's his age? Where does he live? Why was he chosen as the designer? What's the size of his shoe? What is his fetish?

A: Thanks for your message. These comments always cheer me on.
Age: Pretty much an old man
Where: I walk to work
Why: Because the game is based on my ideas
Shoe: 23,5 (= 6 ½ US | 38 EU)
Fetish: First to come in mind are legs. I guess knit sweaters and tights look nice. I prefer there to be some kind of clothes, and thus am not really interested in exposed skin or bare legs.

Thanks for your hand work at EVO. If it's not too much to ask, can you tell about your trip to Las Vegas.
A: Players are quite friendly as everyone likes the game they are playing. Mika-chan seemed to be really popular with the foreign players. Japanese players were talking a lot about how quick the overseas players were. Overheads were blocked and throws teched, just how to deal with them in a match. They were practicing all the time. They took over the food court and there was like 20~30 people battling all the time. We were pretty worried they were going to get yelled at, but it seemed to be totally fine. Things sure are different overseas.

What kind of ice cream does Londrekia like?
A: He prefers to have mint in his ice cream, for example mint chocolate.

  • Team Tournament
  • Planners must use random character
dogma (SET) Kamikazeman (AKA)
Satou (MIK) Tanaka-ya (ENK)
Arakawa (LIN/PHO) Konatsu (SET/AKA/VAT)
Miso (CAR/ELT) Shiratori (SET)
Satocchi (CAR/YUZ) Kamone (LIN/MER)

White team wins.


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