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The Dual Moon's One Blade Drawing Style (双月一刀流抜刀術) is a style of swordsmanship that was passed down by Yuzuriha's clan through her ancestors. The style based on a more aggressive and offensive form of Iaijutsu.


Form type Form name
First Form: Paulownia (壱之型:桐) A swift slash capable of striking from various angles.
Second Form: Bloom (弐之型:咲) A single vertical slash with incredibly long reach.
Third Form: Sever (参之型:截) A heavier slash that strikes twice.
Fourth Form Nothing has been revealed about this technique.
Fifth Form: Vivid (伍之型:鮮) A projectile attack that sends out a shockwave with a swing of the Iris Blade.
Et Cetera! Eight-fold Slash (以下略!八重一輪) A technique of Yuzuriha's own design. Combining her skills with her EXS Ability, Yuzuriha leaps up into the air and vanishes, leaving a three-slash afterimage in her wake.
Secret Art: Luster Birth (奥義: 華生) A combination of strong slashes with a rising finisher slash.
Zeroth Form: Ultimate Art - Bloody Fate (零之型秘奥義: 命紅) The strongest of the Dual Moon's blade arts. In a blink of an eye, this single slash can incapacitate the opponent.


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