This is a trivia page which contains details of various unused data that can be found within the series' games.


In the victory quote table, we can discover that French-Bread had already planned the addition of Wagner and Mika by 2014. Code related to them can also be found from the sound-effects. These two characters had already sound effects coded for their walking animation.

From "data" folder, we can discover sound effect lists for each character. These sound effect lists have a detailed info about all the SE and voices related to each character. They contain a lot of lines that cannot be found from the voice files within the game. There are even lines for such mechanics like an Escape Burst which haven't been implemented into the game yet.

However, there exist proof that all of them have been recorded. For example, back in 2012 when Eltnum first appeared as CPU-only enemy character, she had intro and victory lines that are no longer within the game files. There exists are video of this.

Commencing battle.(戦闘、開始します)
Battle concluded Heading back.(戦闘終了、帰還します)

Originally, "Infinite Worth EXS" moves could only be used as a finisher when the opponent had under 30% of health left. For that reason, the moves were originally planned to be much longer and flashier. Voice lists reveal the quotes for these attacks were originally much longer.

Linne's Infinite Worth EXS full quote
The manifestation acting on my will (我が招来に呼応せし顕現 )
The cadence and perpetuity coming from you (彼方よりの鳴動、悠久 )
My upcoming strike will grant a hollow demise (これよりの一振り、虚ろの終焉 )
You can't hope to evade or block it (かわすことも受けることもかな叶わぬ!)
The true blade which mows even gods, God Mower: Blazing Flash! (神をも薙ぐ真なる刀、神薙・焔一閃!)

Out of these, the most interesting is Yuzuriha's "yuz_se_list". It reveals that at the early point of development, she had a projectile move called "Fifth Type: Vivid" (草月一刀流抜刀術伍之型:鮮) which was supposed to come out with 63214 command. Move is described as a shockwave that appears when Yuzu swings her sword.

Eltnum's sound effect list also reveals an early move that ended up scrapped. From 22 command, she was supposed to use a move called ”Transfer Ride” (トランスファーライド). It is describes in the list that Eltnum would run towards the opponent, grab them with her legs and then slam them into the ground in spinning fashion. Sound very similar to her Slide Air move which is only usable in mid-air.

Screenshots from the Script
D-se intro
Eltnum's Lost Intro and Victory Lines
Hyde's Burst lines in the script
Fifth Type: Vivid
Transfer Ride


Unused Characters

Under the "grpdat" directory can be found files for various menus of the game. From "Ranking" one can discover files for Kaguya within diagram, score attack and RIP ranking related folders. Though those are juts placeholders with Hyde's face.

Kag csel f00

Kaguya (カグヤ)

In the "Csel" (Character Select) folder and under its "Chara" directory, one can find placeholder files for both Kaguya and Londrekia. Kaguya's icons and just red Hyde-icons with KAGUYA (カグヤ) written on them. Londrekia's placeholder icons are just transparent icons with the text "Londo" ろんど written on them in blue.

In the "Cockpit" folder which contains files for health bars and other HUD elements, under its "Chara" folder is placeholder file for Kaguya, which is just like others – It's just Hyde's icons with Kaguya written on it.

In "CharaColorBar" folder which contains assets for Color Selection screen, there are placeholder files for both Kaguya and Londrekia. Kaguya's is complete copy-paste from Hyde's color list. Londrekia's list has DUMMY written on every single line.

In "Announce" folder, there are various textures related to battle, such as "CLAUSE 1" and "BREAKDOWN" textures. Under its "round_cha" directory, there are Character Icons and English introduction texts which appear before the round starts. This folder has placeholder faces for Kaguya and Londrekia "r_face_kag". From here, we can find a file called "r_prof_1p_lnd" (Round Profile P1 Londrekia) which is a completely finished introduction text for Londrekia. Kaguya however doesn't have completed profile text.

Background Images
Kag csel f00
Kaguya Character Select Placeholder
Kag gauge 1P
Kaguya HUD Elements
Kag round
Kaguya Round Start Image
Lnd csel00
Londrekia Character Select Placeholder
Lnd round
Londrekia Round Start Image
Lnd pfl
Londrekia Profile Text
Lnd text
Londrekia Profile Text (CharaSelect)

Unused Voices

The Newly Added Battle Voices Have Existed Since 2012

D-se kuuga

Comparison picture

When you compare the "se_list" from both games you can notice that voices that have been newly included in Exe:Late[st] are already listed in the older list, but have never existed within the game until now. It further proofs that all the lines listed in "se_list" have been recorded and the files are probably stored on some random hard-drive at French-Bread's office.

On the right we have a picture of Linne's "Soukuuga" super attack, which gained one new voice clip in Exe:Late[st].

Cut Content from Linne's Chronicle
In the "se" folder, there exists a leftover "talk" folder which includes various unused voices from Arcade Mode and Chronicle. This folder includes talk files "lin_10349 ~ lin_10365". In these voice files is a dialogue between Hyde and Linne, when Linne asks Hyde to accompany her to an arcade. There they try various classic games such as Taiko. However, Hyde's voice files for this event cannot be found within the game.

Pieces from Londrekia's Arcade Mode
In the same "talk" folder as Linne's Chronicle leftovers is also voices which seem to be from Londrekia's Arcade Mode. Many of the voices are scattered in the individual character voices, but the file names and the context highly suggests that these belong to Arcade Mode. Although, Londrekia himself has no voices.

Hilda VS Londrekia
Hilda's Arcade Mode is special case and she has events with every single character (Randomly 8 get picked, Hyde and Linne are forced). Exe:Late[st] has ”talk_Hil_18” folder which has a script and recorded voices for Hilda when she is facing Londrekia. This folder doesn't include Londrekia's voices.

Unused Backgrounds and BGM

In the "BattleRes" folder, there is another folder under it called "talk". It doesn't have any direct purpose and contains a lot of random images and text files. There however is a folder called "st_bgm" which contains an unused Chronicle BGM "cs_story_108" as well as written list for all the Chronicle musics.

Cs story 108

Under "st_bg" folder, there are four unused backgrounds for Chronicle Mode.

  • Background for the arcade which apparently was removed from Linne's scenario.
  • There is also "cs_storybg06_03", 06 is this case refers to Merkava. Most likely it is supposed to be Licht Kreis HQ from where Lex makes a phone call to Londrekia.
  • Then there is "cs_storybg08_05" which is daytime version of Seth's room.
  • And finally, "cs_storybg09_01" which daytime version of the shrine where Yuzuriha lives.
Background Images
Dmine bg-arcade
Dmine bg-licht
Licht Kreis HQ
Dmine bg-seth
Seth's Room (Daytime)
Dmine bg-shrine
Shrine (Daytime)


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