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BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle
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BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle
ブレイブルー: クロスタグバトル


Arc System Works


JP Arc System Works
NA Arc System Works America, Inc.[1][2]
EU PQube [3]


Toshimichi Mori
Yūki Katō
Higuchi Konomi


Daisuke Ishiwatari
Atsushi Kitajoh
Shoji Meguro
Jeff Williams
Steve Goldshein
Alex Abraham
Nobuyoshi Sano
Atsushi Ohara
Ayako Saso
Shinji Hosoe
Takayuki Aihara
Mutsumi Ishimura
Tatsuhashi Hayashi
AkiHee Motomiya


PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Arcade

Release Date(s)

May 31, 2018 (JP)
June 5, 2018 (NA)
June 22, 2018 (EU)
April 21, 2019

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle (Abbreviated to BBTAG), is a crossover 2v2 fighting game developed by Arc System Works, and acts as a collaboration between them, as well as Atlus, FRENCH-BREAD, Rooster Teeth, and later down the line, Team Arcana (Formerly Examu), Marvelous Entertainment, and Subtle-Style, pitting their respective franchises against each other.

The game released for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch on May 21st, 2018 in Japan, June 5th in America, and June 22nd in European regions.


BBTAG pits four characters against each other in a tag-team match. The characters are drawn from multiple media franchises: BlazBlue, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 (Namely Persona 4 Arena), UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH, RWBY, Arcana Heart, Senran Kagura, and Akatsuki Blitzkampf.


This game is a 2-on-2, two dimensional, tag team fighting game, which allows the player to switch between characters during a match, or have the character they're currently not using perform an assist attack. Both characters in each team have their own health bar.

The gameplay is almost completely different from BB, P4A, and UNI. Yet, some of their previous gameplay mechanics are retained and revamped, such as:

  • There are only five button inputs: A and B, which are the normal attacks, Crash Assault/Sweep (C button), Tag (D button) and Partner Skill (an Assist button)
  • The ”Heat Gauge” has been renamed to Skill Gauge.
  • There is now a new meter called the Cross Gauge, which is mainly used for Tag-based combos.
    • By consuming a full Cross Gauge via pressing all 5 main buttons at once, a Cross Burst will be triggered. Cross Burst will involve the player’s secondary character entering the fight while attacking their opponents, just as their current character retreats back.
    • By pressing the Partner Skill and Tag buttons simultaneously, a Cross Combo will be activated. The player’s partner character will follow suit of their main character and attack their opponent at the same time, however, this will cause the Cross Gauge to slowly deplete. During “Cross Combo” Activation, the gauge in the middle of the screen will increase until it reaches maximum where the Partner Skill is usable via any directions+Partner Skill button.
  • ”Overdrive” from BlazBlue is now redubbed Resonance Blaze, and can only be activated after a player has lost one character. Activating Resonance Blaze will quickly refill the main meter, make all Distortion Skills stronger, regenerate health, and regular/EX Skills can be cancelled into Distortion Skills. However, Resonance Blaze can only be activated once in a match.[4]
    • Resonance Blaze state can also be activated during Cross Combo state, except can still be reusable multiple times and can only obtain have stronger Distortion Skills.
    • When using Partner Skill assists multiple times until the Cross Gauge reaches Level 4, then when both sides’ own partner down and activating Resonance Blaze, an Instant Kill called Astral Skill (still named Astral Heat) can be usable once the Skill Gauge reaches Level 9, with its input is press down three times+B+C simulations. Due to EX Skill’s nature of depleting 1 gauge uses, Astral Skill cannot be cancelled from there.
  • The B+C throw button function is retained from BlazBlue.
    • As a result, the “Furious Action” attacks retained from Persona 4 Arena, which often take the form of DP-based moves, can only be activated by pressing A+Tag. Unfortunately, it still cannot be special cancelled during Resonance Blaze.
  • Performing character specials with the C button while there is one full skill gauge available to perform an EX move is retained from Under Night In-Birth.
  • Standing C activates Crash Assault. An Overhead attack which is unblockable while crouching. After landing the attack, the player can press the C button in time with the final hit to affect the amount of damage done via a rating ranging from "Good" to "Marvelous".
    • The Cross System version of Crash Assault can be activated by pressing the Partner Skill button, which switches the player’s main character after they perform a Distortion Skill with their secondary character who will follow up the main character with their own Distortion Skill.
  • Normal string attacks are based on Under Night In-Birth, such as having Crouching C as the primary sweep attack, and having “Passing Link” chain normals.
  • An Auto-Combo called Smart Combo can be activated by either pressing A or B. These can vary depending on the characters. UNI characters however, is far more universal, such as commonly can chain from Crouching C.
  • Distortion Skills can now only be activated via inputting a quarter circle forward/backward input+B+C and costs two Skill Gauges.

Playable Characters

The base roster for BBTAG has twenty characters, with an additional thirty-three available as downloadable content, two of which are free, twenty-two available in separate content packs, and another nine available in a paid update, bringing the roster up to fifty-three characters altogether. The roster is as follows:

*Italic denotes for DLC


Persona 4 Arena

Under Night In-Birth


Arcana Heart

Senran Kagura

Akatsuki Blitzkampf






  • This game marks the first time that characters from Under Night (including some its guest series) have ever been dubbed in English. The English voices for the characters represented can be found on their respective pages.
  • This is the first game related to Under Night to see a console release before an arcade release.
  • The main artwork for the game, as well as the official characters renders were illustrated by Konomi Higuchi, who has previously made guest illustrations for both Exe:Late[st], and Exe:Late[cl-r].



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